Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Russ' Birthweek

I wanted to do something really nice for Russ' birthday this year. I feel like I am never very good at celebrating his birthday and fathers day, or giving him good Christmas presents. This is so backwards because he is the person I love the most in this world. So we decided because of all he does he would get a birth week instead of day. (I don't have pictures of each gift or each day) The first day was servant of the Lord because he always accepts his callings and and works very hard to do what is right. This blesses our family .
And so he got new slacks, white shirt, ties, and black socks (his others had wholes in them). When he came home the kids and I were "hiding" on the couch and yelled surprise after he came in. William was so excited to do that.
The second day we don't have pictures of, but the card said "Husband" and he got a new sheet for our bed since our other one was worn so thin there was a whole on his side. I got a really nice white sheet. He also gets a 30 minute massage from me (that's a long time for me).
The next day the card said, "Daddy" and we took it to his work along with some Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

The kids love going to see Daddy at work.

Opening his present. I think he is unsure of what it is at first.
It is a Daddy Saddle! That I made myself. My mom had the genius idea to use a backpack and she happened to have an old one that had broken zippers. I cut off the front, added a stomach strap and stir ups, and put a top on.
The kids love it. And because he is an awesome Dad, he loves it too. And these pictures were too cute to pass up. Nothing beats a jelly doughnut.

Thursday we stopped by his work again with Cafe Rio and to say goodbye because we were leaving to go camping with my family and he would not be joining us until the next day. His gift was waiting on the bed for him when he got home and it was new under ware (I know you all wanted to know that:)

Friday his card would have said "physical therapist" and the gift was to get away from it all camping in the wood. Could there be a better gift? I don't think so. I will be posting about camping next and include his last present there.

I hope he had a good week and that he felt our appreciation for him and all he does.

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