Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet the teacher

The Friday before school started there was a meet the teacher night. Of coarse I didn't get a picture of the teacher, but I am sure I will sometime this year. The kids would not slow down, running from one thing to the next. The classroom was amazing, so much to do and see. (playing with things from the sea)

He is going to a Montessori school. I feel really lucky to have found a Montessori charter school so I don't have to pay for it. I actually don't know that much about Montessori, at least less than I thought. But I am really excited to learn more as the year goes on.

(scooping, pouring, and pinching)

William seemed really excited to see all the fun things he would get to do at school each day. He liked the outdoor learning areas. I think William will do really well with this style of learning and class room setting.

(He really likes puzzles and shapes)

What I really like about this school so far:

  • They sent a letter home saying that they will be teaching the kids about healthy eating and asked that parents not send sugary treats, candy, and drinks to school and if you do they would send them back home. This was a worry of mine sending William to school, because I try and have my kids eat healthy and I didn't want him coming home telling me all the other kids have fruit snacks in their lunch everyday and whining at me to do it, cause I'm not going to.

  • The only things they asked to have them bring to school was an extra set of cloths, a bag of some sort, and a lunch every day. I love that the keep it simple.

William has not had any complaints, he loves it and all the friends he has made.

I was worried about Gracie and how she would do with him being gone all the time. She has mentioned it a few times, but I think she also likes it. Her personality has really been magnified since she has been the only one home. I am really glad for this time I have with just her before baby 3 comes into the picture. For example we are sitting on the couch together watching Robin Hood and laughing at out favorite parts. Later we will run errands and that is sooo much easier with just Gracie and I. She does wear a back pack around the house every now and then, but that is just cute.

So school really is cool.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

7 Years

You and me forever.

Awhile back I won a free photo session on the blog, I heart Mesa. We ended up taking the pictures on the morning of our 7th anniversary - August 7th, 2010. The photographer was Zane of Lloyd Zeffler photography. He was awesome! I love the pictures, they turned out great! It was fun to do a shoot with just Russ and myself.

And we got to use my collection of old suitcases so that was fun too.

But what I really want to say is that I love being on the arm of this man.

I love him more than anyone and that is saying a lot. I really really love my children, but as I watched William start school I have been hit more and more with the fact that my kids will grow up and leave me. They are their own person, they are not mine.

Russ is mine. He has promised to love me and be with me forever. And more. This brings me comfort and peace. I will miss my kids when they are gone and I will love them forever. But Russ and I will have forever to look back on all the fun times we have had as a family.

Fun times we have. Who doesn't have fun with Russ? He makes me so happy.

My favorite spot is on his shoulder and in his arms. And I am not just saying that, it is the most comfortable place.

It is nice to have him there to hold me up, heaven knows I need it.

So, I am not even sure if the past seven years have flown by or if it seems like we have been married forever.

I just know that I think about him all day long. I wish I could talk to him all day long.

I appreciate him so much. I love him for all that he does for me and our family. I love him for being such a great Dad to my children.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when he is in the kids room tucking them in and i just hear roars of laughter. He can't stop tickling them. And I love it because I know how much they love him.

I also love it because I know I am about to have my time alone with him.

And I don't know what I would do without him.

Monday, August 09, 2010

The first day of the rest of his life

On this day,8-9-10 (cool,huh) William had his first day of school. He had not had preschool except a joy school we did in Flagstaff, so this was a big deal for he and I. But he is ready and I am ready. This picture pretty much sums up his feelings.

I am not sure that Gracie is ready, though. She didn't cry, but after we got home from dropping him off she said, "we forgot William!". I told her that we didn't forget him and that we would get him later she furrowed her brow and said, "but I want him." Don't get me wrong, these two fight quite a bit, but they love each other. And these pictures seriously melt my heart.

They will miss each other and that has probably been the hardest part about sending him to school.

And sure, I am going to miss my boy. But every time I have started to feel sad about him going he gives me a reason to be glad. He is ready for it and needs it.

Russ stayed home for the event of taking him to school and I was really glad he was there. It was nice not to have to do it alone.

Here we are at the school and he is getting his name tag on.

We said goodbye and sent him off to the play ground. Then we hung around awhile to watch. He went and stood in line to climb the ladder for the monkey bars and I thought "what is he doing he does not know how to do monkey bars". I watched him climb the ladder, look at the monkey bars and climb back down. Funny kid.

Then he saw us again on his way to his back pack and just waved and said good bye again. Then his buddy Owen showed up so I had to take some more pictures. They showed up at the perfect time because I was about to loose it.

Gracie and Elliot. Pretty soon it is going to be them.

When I went to get William he was happy to see me and tell me about his day. He seemed to have a lot of fun and I hope it always will be fun for him. I hope he will always make friends as easily as he does now and I hope he will always love learning like he does now. He is growing up and in turn so am I. It is hard turning your child over to someone else, but I know that he is ready. I am going to miss him.

Friday, August 06, 2010

A new start

After the party we all got ready and headed out to Phoenix for my sister in laws baptism. That's right! My sister in law, Lupe decided to join our church and I am so happy for her. Nothing (and I mean nothing) makes my life better/easier/ more peaceful than the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope it brings the same kind of light to her life and I know it will if she lets it. Here are a couple of my other sister in laws. Oh, and Sam. Russ lookin' good in his new suit.

My brother Kent and two if his little guys.
My parents with my niece and nephew.
Gracie singing along to the spanish hymns.
Ashley put Sam's hands on his bottle and he kept them there. He is getting so big.
Lupe with my Dad and the missionaries after the baptism. And here is Lupita
This is a happy face. I think she wanted to eat my camera. I wanted to eat her.

This after we got home, Russ trying to make Sam smile.
Nothing is better than a smiling baby.

Gracie found her dolly with a "happy face".
And she wanted to have some more tea before bed, so we did.
It was one of those days where you are going all-day-long, but it is so happy and so fun. I love days like these.

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