Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camping - day 1

It is kinda sad to be back from camping, but now I get to relive it through my blog. We will start with day one. We got there in the afternoon, set stuff up and then it was off to the creek.

Gracie's shoes were already wet and made this awesome squishing sound when she ran. It was so cute.
The creek was right by our campsite, but further down there is a spot where the water pools enough that you can jump in off some rocks (if you are into really cold water).
It is a kinda far walk and as cute as her squishing feet were, they were not fast enough. William was so excited to go and see "the door". When we showed him pictures of last year and told him where we were going he could not stop talking about "the door".It really is quite cool and I am sure it seemed magical to him. Except the trash people left back there makes it seem less magical (jerks), but Russ cleaned it out.The water was freezing so I was surprised when he got in this far.This is how Russ brought him back and I wish I had got a picture of his face when he first when in, priceless.
Hurrying out of the water.
Gracie just threw rocks And liked that a lot.But then she did want to get in with Daddy. They did this a few times, crazy girl.Connie wrapped poor freezing William up and carried him, but not all the way I think Russ took over.Then Connie did Gracie's hair. Awesome.
The Russ started to build a fire, or... wait, read the kindling.
And William relieved himself. It was so nice that he could do this. I am not looking forward to next year when Gracie will be (hopefully) potty trained and I will have to take her to the outhouse all the time. Maybe we can bring her a potty chair.
That night they were kinda excited about then tent and it took them awhile to fall asleep and tears for a couple minutes, but other than that they slept beautifully.

Potty Chair

And so it begins. I loath potty training, but I love the results! We aren't really doing much yet. Just encouraging sitting on the potty chair and getting her used to the idea. We were able to get her to pee in it once, but after when she was calling her grandma and grandpa to tell them...she peed on Russ. It's a long road and hopefully I will be sane when it is over.

Monday, June 29, 2009

An evening at the park

A while back we had a nice cool evening and I knew it was rare and that we should not pass it up. We decided to go to a nearby park. Gracie loved the swings and I love how she tucks her feet up in the swing.William mastered the art of running in front of the swing without getting hit. This is quite the accomplishment.

And I, well I just loved spending the evening with my family.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sigh and relax

Today I am busy packing to go camping at a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL place. I will be here in all of Gods green goodness sitting in a creek reading a book and watching my children splash and play.
I showed William these pictures and told him where we were going and he can hardly contain his excitement. This place holds lots of adventures.
I will be spending time with my family and just enjoy being outside where it isn't hot and it is green. I love green.

A huge thanks to my mom and dad for reserving a campsite here again and getting all the food for our big ole' family so we can spend some nice relaxing time together. I really love my family.

These are pictures from the camping trip last year and next week there should be a blog post that looks very much like this, only all our hair will be longer (except Russ).


Russ and William found a geko at his parents house.
William was pretty shocked when it jumped on his shirt but he handled it well. Gracie really loved the little guy. She even gave him a kiss.

And Russ... is Russ.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick trip and an apron

Last weekend (I am so late posting this) Connie and I decided very last minute to take a trip up to Utah. My nephew, Ben was getting baptized and one of my favorite authors, Shannon Hale was having a book release and signing in the same neighborhood. Plus we got to hang out with our good friend Lauren who moved up there not too long ago. Russ decided that it would be to short of a trip to take with the kids so he stayed home. It was very nice to be able to just sit in the car and listen to music and talk to Connie. It reminded me of all the road trips I used to take. On the way up we saw this dog that was driving us crazy. It would actually get on top of the truck and just hop around!
The traffic started slowing once and we were not sure why until we saw a bunch of cows come running by the window. I had to take a picture for William since he has declared them his favorite animal.
The we saw this guy who likes to live dangerously and ran the whole way down the road with a line of cars behind him. I did not take any pictures at the baptism, but it was lovely and so fun to spend time in my brother and sister in laws home. It was Russ' oldest brother Eric and they were so nice to us and had such a nice home.
This is me with Mr. Darcey at the book signing. The new book released is called The Actor and the Housewife (I loved it - funny, sad, happy, great!) There was an apron competition and I won a signed copy of Nacho Libre.
Connie made her apron a long time ago, but I didn't even have one and I really wanted to win so I stayed up until 3:30 the night before we left making mine. I love it sooooo much. It is my favorite sewing project. Maybe because there were few mess ups and the finish product was actually what I envisioned. I even started singing From This Moment (you know - Shania Twain) to it when I finished.
I got the sweet trim from an estate sale so I know it is old and I don't know if I could find anymore anywhere. I have a tiny bit left and I plan on making a skirt for Gracie with all the same fabric.And here she is Shannon Hale. I did not think to take a picture with her but when we saw her she called us her Arizona friends (you know from when I was her assistant at Project Book Babe) and it made me happy. I hope she doesn't mind that we really are friends in my mind.

All in all it was a lovely trip and it was awesome that Connie and I made such good time and needed such little gas. It was a miracle!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

We have early church on Sunday so I went and got Russ present that I made him and brought it to him in bed. He has been wanting a bow tie for a really long time and I have had a hard time finding one at a second hand store (where I buy most things). I decided to make one but couldn't do it until Friday and didn't have a pattern so I had to call my mom who has one and get the measurements from her. It turned out kind of crappy but it will work for him to practice tying on. Once he learns how to tie it I will get him a real one.
Then William started to wake up. He had snuck into our bed sometime in the early morning. I love this sleepy morning face.Then he gave Russ his present from him, which was a book of bedtime stories by They Might Be Giants that comes with a CD of songs to go along with it. William wanted to get him this because, "Daddy likes to read books to me." William loves giving presents and that makes me happy. He has learned how to not tell what he is giving people too, which makes it more exciting.

Later that day we had dinner with Russ' parents and brother and kids and it was a great time. There was a lot of laughter and love as you can see William hugging Grandpa and telling him,
Happy Fathers Day.

I celebrated Fathers Day with my family on Saturday with swimming and dinner and visiting, but no pictures. Except for this one of Gracie in the toy box.I love my dad so much and Russ' dad so much and Russ is such a good dad. I feel very lucky and blessed. No dead beats around here. Infact Russ is in the other room right now singing/readind a book called Snuggle Puppy to the kids and they LOVE it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Letter to Gracie

Dear Gracie,
I was thinking about these pictures the other day. I was remembering watching you drool on the purple paper and how sweet you looked in all the hats. I remember laughing at how you always stuck your tongue out when you were happy. I remember after we were done putting you back in your fuzzy green jammies that were your dads when he was a baby. There was snow outside. I knew everything about you, better than anyone else. As I thought about this I realized that I knew everything to know about you at the time, but that was so little of who you are. I had no idea that you loved to read stories so much. If it is quiet and I don't know where you are you are always in your room on the floor surrounded by books.
Here you are telling me you are "all wet"
I had no idea that you hair would spring out in golden curls and that I would love it so much.
I had no idea that you would be a little more daring then William teaching him how to do things like lay down in the tub, or try to walk off a step in the swimming pool so you can get the rings on the bottom (I know, yikes!)
I didn't know that you would be leery of strangers and yell, "no" to anyone who approached you that you didn't know or that you weren't in the mood to talk to. I could have guessed that though because you were never crazy about strangers. I had no idea that you would love to paint your nails so much and that you would sing everywhere you go. Your sweet little voice always fills the space in our home and your dad and I love it. You also love movies and are asking to watch them all the time.
A favorite time of the day for everyone is when you are bathed and dresses and ready for bed. We read stories and sing songs and you are snugly and sweet. Sometimes when Daddy is putting you to bed he will be in there for 30 minutes to and hour tickling and snuggling you. You are just to sweet to put down and you know it. The other night after I laid you down and was walking out of your room you yelled, "Mommy wait, special song." That tugs on the heart strings.

We love you so much. You bring happiness and sweetness into our home we love watching you grow and learn more about you all the time. I still feel like I know you better than anyone else, but I also realize that it is just a portion of you and the rest is yet to come. I can't wait.
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