Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving again

We had dinner with Russ' family on Friday and Russ got sick that morning. He felt nauseous all day and slept some. We got to hang out with Nate and Jacie (my cousin) for a little while. Nate told Russ to take some Benadryl, so on the way to his parents we got some and Russ slept on blow up mattress the whole night. This is Russ after he woke up for the tail end of the evening. Here he is sitting next to his dad.
And this is Russ loving Don's pug, Ladybug, and tolerating conversation with his brother :) Just kidding, that may be what he missed the most when sleeping.

William had fun. He loved the fruit salad. As soon as he was done eating I hardly saw him the rest of the night. Except for when he messed his pants big time, that is why he is running around pant less. Good ole Tempe, where you can run pantless all you want.

As soon as the big cousins stopped playing with the tether ball, William was right on it.
Here he is playing with his adorable cousin Elleigh and piling rocks with Roxey.

And his favorite is Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's slide. All in all it was an enjoyable evening and I was glad to see so many family members I had not seen in awhile. But what really makes me happy is to see William interacting and playing with his cousins. I married into the right family for that!

Happy Thanksgiving

We left home for the Valley on Tuesday evening. We got there in time to enjoy some Taco Bell with Connie, after which Russ and I watched Nacho Libre and then went to bed exhausted.

Wednesday was my family's Thanksgiving. William loved meeting his new baby cousins and wanted to "hoe it" (hold it) all the time. I did too.

William also got to play on Grandma and Grandpas trampoline and he loved it until his cousin Vaeh tackled him. Which one is the boy? They had a lot of fun together and William was excited to see all of his cousins.

Russ' family does Thanksgiving on Friday so Thursday was a lazy day. I went shopping with my sister and we watched Scoop. That was a fun movie. William just played and played in the nice weather outside.

Dinner at our House

Here are some pictures of dinner at our house. I already love our dinner time. William eats really well and has discoverd different ways to make us laugh. Like squinting his eyes (I am not quite sure why that is sooo funny to me, but it is) and looking out of the corner of his eyes and talking really slow. Here he is eating fetticini alfredo and I loved every minute of it.

Why he looks like me

These pictures represent why I would tell R that W looks nothing like him.

But after looking at these pictures side by side I am willing to admit that they do look somewhat alike.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

You be the judge

Russ and I are arguing over this all the time, so maybe you could help us with your comments.
Who do you think he looks like?

Russ Studying

School is really hard and Russ has to study a lot. This is what that looks like.

Just kidding, he really does do a lot of work and I am really proud of him because he is not over studying. He finds time for William and I too.

Here he is after giving William a bath. He puts William to bed every night unless he has too much homework.

And here he is making a fire with William.
And he does the dishes!!! Man, I'm in love.

Besides, Who wouldn't love this face?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween Night

On Halloween we went to our ward's trunk-or-treat, but we were late, it was cold and William was sick and not feeling well, so we left pretty soon after we got there. A little while latter we went to Russ' class party and that was fun. William enjoyed the lights and jumping on a bench. I was a Raven and Russ was Captain Jack, if you couldn't tell.

A weekend in the Valley

Last weekend we went to the valley. Well, I went to the Valley and Russ went to Dallas for a Physical Therapy conference of some sort. I stayed at my Mom's and we went to see my new baby niece Anna. So sweet, huh?

After we left the hospital we went to a Chinese restaurant with my mom and dad and Connie. They had a fountain with fish and William was fascinated. He was very obedient, but it took everything in him not to touch those fish.

We went to my parents trunk-or-treat and William went as my wee little leprechaun, if you couldn't already tell. I made this costume because there were only two leprechaun costumes that I could find online and they both sucked, so there you have it.

We also celebrated William's 2nd birthday a couple days early when Russ came home on Sunday. William had a traditional Huston 2 year old train cake, which went well because he is obsessed with trains. He also got some books...

Some bubbles that he loved...

and a brand new bike from Connie and Grandma and Grandpa Huston. He still has not learned to ride it yet, but he loves it anyway.

It was a very tiring, but very fun weekend.

Some of William's favorite things

Jumping...William LOVES jumping!

This is his proud, "I'm so cool" face.

He also LOVES watching videos of himself on his Daddy's phone. They both like this.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Young's Farm Pumpkin Patch

We went to a pumpkin patch in a place called Dewey, which is near Prescott. I told my sister and my Mom the day before and mentioned that they should come too. They and my brother Clint came and brought his son Bryant and my mom brought my other neice Veah. William was sooo happy to see his cousins.

This is William cleaning off the dirty pumpkin.

William on the pony ride that he enjoyed very much.

This was William's favorite part of the whole day, riding the train. I think he did it like five times.

He loved having Aunt Connie there. If either her or my Mom walked too far away, he would start yelling their name. I think he did not want them to get lost.

It was a very fun day but by the end we were all very tired. This is on the way out, William held on to those gatorade bottles for a long time. It comforts him to hold things, especially when he is tired.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Playing in leaves

William and I went to the Library and I noticed that all the leaves are falling, so we decided to play. We were out there so long that we didn't even go to the library.

He spent a lot of time throwing leaves at me and then getting them all out of my hair. I took these pictures - pretty good, huh?
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