Friday, December 31, 2010

Sentimental fool

I really am sentimental. When I heard the kids in the office and peeked in to find them (Gracie's arm around William) looking at pictures on the computer, my heart grew three sizes.
Kind of like when I dress Joseph in his daddy's baby cloths. These ones say they are size one year and they are tight on these 2 month old thighs.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

She danced like a daisy

Gracie had her first dance recital. We were SO late I had to run her up onto the stage while all the little girls were doing their warm ups, but she was there for her dance. I didn't know what she would do. Would she dance? Would she stand there? Would she cry? It turns out she loves the stage. She danced beautifully. Connie and I sat in front of the stage on the floor to get pictures and video. When we went back to our seats after her dance was done we saw that Russ' cheeks were soaked. He was crying because he was laughing so hard. I myself loved watching my little girl dance and perform. I can't wait for her next recital and neither can she.
Congratulating the star.
We had a hard time getting both of our kids off the stage.

Here we are with her dance teacher Mrs. Beverly. We both love Mrs. Beverly. She teaches all the classes and makes it so fun for the girls. I love that it is low key and just fun.Gracie's friend Kiley (how we know about the dance classes) was so sweet and gave Gracie her own yellow daisy.

It is a lot of fun being a mom to this little girl.

Work party 2010

Right after Gracie's dance recital Connie took the kids home and Russ and I went to Cheesecake factory to meet the rest of his co-workers for dinner. It was delicious of course. Then it was off for games gifts and prizes. Russ is ready to get the party started.

Russ opening our new fly zapper, that works like a charm.
Austin opened the shaker, but he was not lucky enough to take it home.
I got a best of Barry Manilow record. Then we played the game that Russ and I prepared. It was like the newlywed game and it was fun to learn a little more about all the couples.
After things were dying down I walked into a room to find the boys looking at Todd's goods (watches, guns, and pens). He is quite the collector. It only looks like James is pointing the gun at Todd.
Like last year we had a great time and came home with great gifts and yummy treats.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A name and a blessing

On December 5, 2010 Joseph was given a name and a blessing at church by his father.
His name is Joseph Lincoln Christensen
Joseph is my grandfathers name and my fathers middle name. Two men that I love and admire very much. He is also named after the prophet Joseph Smith. One of my favorite people that ever lived.
He wore Russ' blessing outfit.
He didn't want me to get a full shot picture. He was sad about that.
He looked like an angel.
And he is a little angel.
He was wrapped in a blanket that was made for William by Russ' mother Nancy.
He was calm and quiet during the blessing.
He is such a big part of our little family, I can hardly remember life without him.
He is loved.
He is adored
and supported by many.
That in and of itself is a huge blessing for him. And he is a huge blessing for us.

Take a picture

Gracie is such a goof. One day I was holding Joseph and she came up, put her cheek against his, and said, "take a picture". So I told Russ to get the camera and we took some pictures. I love the look on Josephs face.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gingerbread houses

Our friends invited us to come make gingerbread houses with them and they were kind enough to take my suggestion that we do it over here so that Joseph could sleep through some of it. Just look at Gracie's house, isn't it gorgeous? Owen is trying not to smile and show how proud he actually is of his masterpiece.
Then Kayleen went around and sprinkles snow on their homes and lawns, but for it to snow they had to sing their favorite Christmas song. It was cute and the kids loved it.

Williams done deal
A beautiful, sweet mess
I am so glad they invited us to do this. My kids would have missed out otherwise cause I was not even thinking about doing something like this.

She has got a talent

for getting really dirty
Nothing special about this day, jut a regular day of playing outside.

It is a good thing I know about oxiclean now.

Winter weather

I love Arizona
In December the kids are playing in the leaves outside without shoes on. Even a jacket can be too much when the leaves are getting in it.
They each got a turn to jump into the pile.

They all got to get buried

Gracie loves her buddy Elliot
And sometimes Owen and William are best friends
It is a lot of fun having friends to play with.

Hiding from Owen while he is buried in the leaves
Here he comes
And he found them
Fun like snow, but not cold.
Snow is fun too, but more fun to visit than to live in.

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