Monday, February 28, 2011

Tiny Dancer

I got to observe in Gracie's creative movement dance class.
She was a little distracted with me there, but I loved watching her. I wish I could watch her without her knowing I was there.

Her, oh so graceful, jump.

Rolling like a snake

Getting ready for her leaps.

Landing it. I can't wait for her next performance and neither can she. She loved dancing on stage.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cousins gotta hug

This is Joseph and Sam (being held by Russ)
They are cousins and they are almost exactly 5 months apart.
They live in the same house but neither of them has been old enough to care about the other, really. Until this day when Russ was holding them and...
Sam gave Joseph a love.

Just look at that pudgy little hand on Joseph's back. So cute I can hardly stand it.
Then he gave him a kiss.
Sam really is the sweetest kid. Once while I was holding him, he did the same to me and it made me feel so special.
Oh and I had to add in these two. They are sharing a snack on a train ride. Man, you get to do really fun things when you use your imagination. I wish I could still do that.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I have a bad memory

Lately I find it hard to remember things. And I am not just saying that, sometimes I feel like I am loosing my mind.
But, I do remember being a kid and how wonderful it was. I remember riding bikes and pretending they were cars. Gabe's house was the bank, Jennies was taco bell cause their bush had leaves that looked like taco shells. I can still feel the sensation of running through our squishy grass. I loved being a kid, I miss it. That is why I love watching my kids experience it. I hope they never forget how fun it is to play outside with friends.

Today we were looking for William so we could go to dinner at Russ' parents and he was found outside in the sprinkling weather playing under the pomegranate tree like it was his house. I smiled and told him I did the same thing when I was little. He seemed please. I was pleased.

Sometimes it is hard, but I really do love this life.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

She likes smoothie here and there...

She likes smoothie everywhere!




Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Always a party

So we celebrated valentines day a day late, like I said we would. I was feeling much better. I made the kids wash their hands and face before I would give them their gifts cause they were filthy.
Then they danced on the massage table (it was out for my valentines gift from Russ - I love being married to a Physical Therapist) to the "dyn-o-mite song" (thanks Kayleen).

I love this picture of Gracie mid-booty shake. William is making that face at Joseph cause I was holding him while I was taking the picture.
This is Russ' gift from me (we decided to spend no money this year cause we kinda overdid it getting me a vita-mix for my b-day) The little envelopes we filled with different kinds of kisses for me to give him. I got the idea from here (a place where lots of lovely ideas are found) and guess what. He LOVED it. Russ loves kissing me...a lot. He doesn't think I kiss him enough, so I knew he would love this gift.

The kids got gifts. Mainly because over the weekend we cleared out a lot of the kids toys and we promised William that if he would be good about recycling his toys then we would get him The Prisoner of Azkaban. Target also had Toy Story 3 on sale for 9 bucks so that is what they got. Also, valentine colored candy corn! How could I pass that up. Someone knows my kids all too well. Will there be green for St. Patricks day?

Joseph sat on the couch and played with his feet while the kids danced, but when it was time for gifts, he just folded over.

William went for the gift, Gracie went for the candy, and Joseph went for Russ' knuckle.

William had guessed what he was getting, but he was still excited. And Gracie just sat and ate her candy until we pointed out that she had a present too.

"it's the movie with these guys"

I love Joseph looking at the camera and Gracie hugging her DVD.

I love giving my kids movies. We are definitely a movie family and not a TV family.

The kids watched Harry Potter while Russ and I kissed and cleaned and then I went to Costco to get more formula and came home to a quiet house with the kids in bed and Russ all to myself.
Valentines Day is a great holiday, maybe next year I will even put up some decorations.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

I sent William to school with a bag full of these Valentines. I saw them sometime last year online and thought I remembered where, but I was wrong and now i can't find it, although I have found a lot of other people that thought it was a good idea.
I forgot/didn't have time to get candy so I had to use what we had on hand (luckily we had some left over candy from...everything)
We started with this picture
Then I added the phrase 'Harry Potter wishes you a magical Valentines day". Then we added the candy.

And William wrote his name on the back. His new full name, "Harry Potter William Christensen". What a mouth full. I am just glad he didn't decided to write out what he considers his "full name". Harry Potter William Russell Christensen.

He was very excited to go to school today. As for our family, we will be celebrating tomorrow because I am not feeling well today and Russ work until 7pm. So tomorrow when he gets off at 1 or 2 will be our lovers holiday.
Happy Valentines Day to you.

Would it be crazy to make a valentines decoration after valentines day? I have an idea I really like, I just have not had time to do it.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I decided to put Joseph in Sam's walker as another means of keeping him from further flattening his head. I thought he would be to small/young for it. I was wrong and that is CRAZY!
He sat up stiff and never fell or wobbled and once his hand accidentally hit a toy that made noise, he was concentrating so hard on making it happen again.

I told him good job and he smiled at me (what? is he really old enough to be doing this? where does the time go?).

i love his lips in this next picture. So much concentration.

Also crazy, I came across these photos the other day.

Yep, that is William look just like his brother Joseph. Seriously twiners.
AND William was 5 months when these were taken and Joseph is only 3  months and been wearing that same shirt for awhile and he has outgrown those pants. So they are not the same size and Joe's head is bigger (that any other babies) but they are definitely brothers.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

butterball, beachball, and basketball

February 4th was my birthday and for my birthday I decided that after I got William off to school, I was going to forget my normal "to-do's" and play in my bed with Joseph and Gracie. I can not get enough of my little butterball.
He really loves laying sideways on my stomach. He is all smiles and fun.

I love his chubby thighs!

I want to squeeze him!

And Gracie put on my favorite dress, it was almost like she knew. Then we practiced rolling like a beach ball on my bead. For some reason she  says she can't roll and is nervous about it so it was nice to practice with her.

After awhile we got ready to go to lunch at Liberty Market. Russ and Connie met us there.

Gracie had to wake up from her nap.

Later for dinner we went to Joe's Farm Grill and then to a high school basketball game because my niece was dancing during half time.

William picked a team and cheered them on the whole time.

Here he is telling me that they scored twice!

And there is little miss dance front and center.
Cousins enjoying each others company.

It was a full fun day.
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