Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Always a party

So we celebrated valentines day a day late, like I said we would. I was feeling much better. I made the kids wash their hands and face before I would give them their gifts cause they were filthy.
Then they danced on the massage table (it was out for my valentines gift from Russ - I love being married to a Physical Therapist) to the "dyn-o-mite song" (thanks Kayleen).

I love this picture of Gracie mid-booty shake. William is making that face at Joseph cause I was holding him while I was taking the picture.
This is Russ' gift from me (we decided to spend no money this year cause we kinda overdid it getting me a vita-mix for my b-day) The little envelopes we filled with different kinds of kisses for me to give him. I got the idea from here (a place where lots of lovely ideas are found) and guess what. He LOVED it. Russ loves kissing me...a lot. He doesn't think I kiss him enough, so I knew he would love this gift.

The kids got gifts. Mainly because over the weekend we cleared out a lot of the kids toys and we promised William that if he would be good about recycling his toys then we would get him The Prisoner of Azkaban. Target also had Toy Story 3 on sale for 9 bucks so that is what they got. Also, valentine colored candy corn! How could I pass that up. Someone knows my kids all too well. Will there be green for St. Patricks day?

Joseph sat on the couch and played with his feet while the kids danced, but when it was time for gifts, he just folded over.

William went for the gift, Gracie went for the candy, and Joseph went for Russ' knuckle.

William had guessed what he was getting, but he was still excited. And Gracie just sat and ate her candy until we pointed out that she had a present too.

"it's the movie with these guys"

I love Joseph looking at the camera and Gracie hugging her DVD.

I love giving my kids movies. We are definitely a movie family and not a TV family.

The kids watched Harry Potter while Russ and I kissed and cleaned and then I went to Costco to get more formula and came home to a quiet house with the kids in bed and Russ all to myself.
Valentines Day is a great holiday, maybe next year I will even put up some decorations.

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