Thursday, July 29, 2010

Utah reunion day 4

We had to get up this morning early to start the trek home. We were nervous about getting Gracie up, but there were snails outside that we took her to see right when she got up and she was happy. We never see snails this big in AZ.

Saying goodbye to Buster. She still asks if we can go see him, her cousins house, and the Temple that looks like a castle.

Saying goodbye to uncle Eric.
And uncle Ted
We stopped by Houston's restaurant in Kanab on the way home and Gracie was being really cute. William was being really ornery so there are no pictures of him.

Between Kanab and Flagstaff the kids were really good so when we stopped for Gas we let the kids pick out a treat. They both picked out...candy corns?
They were so excited.
It is nice to have kids that are good in the car. William occasionally complained that his bum hurt and he did a lot of asking, "are we there yet?" type of questions. But really it was a good trip.

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