Thursday, July 30, 2009

The huge tree house

We went to a place called Makutus Island for my nieces birthday. It is an indoor play place with a huge tree house and slides and tunnels etc. William took off and ran and played and I hardly saw him. Gracie spent a lot of time looking at the fish.
There was an arcade room that the ac seemed to be broken in, but that did not slow William down.I wanted to get a picture of his red face, but he did not want to cooperate. This was the best I could get. And here he is showing me his prizes.
These are the gifts I made for my nieces. It was Roxey's birthday but I had not done anything for her sister Mia's birthday so I made one for both of them.
Bags are so rewarding to make because they are pretty simple. I was able to make these without a pattern the morning before the party. And the girls love them, so that feels good too.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Never a dull moment

I got to go see a movie last night which was very nice. When I came home I went into my room to find
Yep, he fell asleep reading his scriptures, the flash never bothers these two when they sleep. and then as I go to carry William to his bed I notice his face.
When I asked Russ what happened he had no idea what I was talking about.
When William woke up in the morning I asked him about it. He was a little hesitant to tell me but he soon revealed that he wanted a Buzz helmet so after Russ was asleep he got a pen and drew on his face. I could keep from laughing and hugging my silly little guy.

This morning Russ left for his first day of work as a Physical Therapist. His brother asked him if the initials PT/DPT stands for physical therapist/definitely a physical therapist, just so his patients can be sure. Even though that is not what is stands for his patients can know he is definitely a Physical Therapist. He even has his number and everything!

As I watched him walk away I almost got choked up. We are just growing up so fast. I have caught Russ (and I know he has caught me) starring off just trying to wrap our minds around our life right now. I mean getting a real job, making an offer on a house - We are almost real grown ups.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's been pretty busy around here

Of course at a time in our life when people really want to know what is going on, I am too busy to blog. Here is a brief recap of what has been going on and I *think* they are in order.
After we came home from camping the end of June:
  • I had to plan an Enrichment night in two weeks with no committee (for those of you who don't understand what I just typed it means - *stressed*)
  • I made a baby quilt (I posted about that on my other blog)
  • Russ was studying for the boards - *stress*
  • 4th of July
  • Russ starts interviewing - *stress* what to choose?!
  • Russ takes his boards - *stress*
  • Russ passes his boards - *relief*
  • Enrichment goes well - *relief* and time
  • Look and call about houses with for sale signs out front - *kinda fun*
  • start and almost finish another baby quilt
  • Russ gets a job (at Physician Physical Therapy Services) - *relief* and *exciting*
  • I make some purses for my nieces birthday (I think I will post about those soon)
  • Go to family dinners *nice*
  • Russ turns 28 and we actually go on a date! *wonderful*
  • Actually go house hunting *hot* and *fun*
  • make a new apron and apron pattern for next enrichment
  • make flyer's and poster and sign up sheets for next enrichment
  • work on Russ and Gracie's b-day party *fun*
  • make an offer on a house *exciting* *nervous making*

This week should end with a fun water circus for Russ and Gracie's birthday and finding out if they except our offer on this house. And we will move forward from there. I will give more details on the house once it is more real. For now you can know that it has everything on our list.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Look who's 28!

That's right, 28 years ago the love of my life was born. Man am I glad about that.
Here he is at about two years old, very much resembling Gracie. In fact when both Gracie and William were asked who this was they said, "Gracie."I have such a wonderful life because of this guy. He has made marriage such a smooth ride.
If I hadn't been lucky enough to find him I am pretty sure I would be single forever. Even if I could love someone as much as I love him, no one could love me the way he does.
I love his stinking guts!
Happy Birthday Russ.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Connie read this book while we were living with her and after her reaction to the ending (slamming it against her pillow over and over again) ,realizing it was just the first book in a series, I decided not to read it until the second book came out this September. Some call this cheating, I call it smart. One Saturday afternoon at a family gathering at my moms I went in to lay next to Connie and take a break and notice she is reading this -
I knew our friend had an arc and that she was going to do a group reading, but I couldn't go because I hadn't read the first one. I asked Connie how long she had it for and when it was determined I could have it for a couple days I quickly picked up Hunger Games and started reading.
Before too long Gracie came in to join us. She would lay down in between Connie and I on her tummy and then Russ would push her over and over into the mattress and when she lifted her head up she looked like this -
And this.
Oh my little ragamuffin. Anyway the books are good. But now I am wishing I waited to read all of them until the third and last book came out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scripture time

Here are the kids for our family scripture study.
They love the scriptures. It amazes me.

Here is Gracie joining me during my scripture time. She sure likes to lay in my bed.

Monday, July 20, 2009


I made a smoothie and Gracie just loved it. She spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get every drop out of that cup.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bath Bellies

My kids think it is so funny to stick there large tummies under the running faucet. Really funny. Here is Gracie watching William with much anticipation.Now it is her turn.And she loves it!So, so much. (I wish so badly that this picture wasn't blurry)

Then later once the water is off they lean up against each other. Like Forrest and Buba.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Early Birthday

While I was thrift store shopping I came across a toy in perfect condition that I knew Russ and William would have a lot of fun playing together. William and I hid it from Russ to save for his birthday, but none of us could stand to wait that long and we gave it to him early.
I was right.
They have a lot of fun with it.
They always quote the, "no, he was talking to me!" from Toy Story when they do it.

It's fun. I really like watching them play together.

Definitely worth $1.50

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Long Lost Cousins

William and Gracie got to play with a couple of their cousins that they don't know all that well because they live in Texas (and because my kids memories are not very good yet).Mia got herself all gussied up.
and Gracie did not know what to think about it. She kept saying, "no say hi". Meaning that she didn't want to say hi to her.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hot Rain

Last week I sent the kids outside with a Popsicle and we discovered that it was raining. It was still hot outside but the rain helped cool us down. It was nice. The kids wanted a drink.Gracie was really excited.William kept trying to drink the rain that was falling off the house (gross)And I caught him licking the water off the sidewalk, good for the immune system, right?I really like the next two pictures of Gracie. William is playing in a stream of water that was running off the house and getting really wet. He didn't notice for while. When I said it was time to go inside he said, "hey, I'm all wet."
Here he is showing me the rainbow. I love the double fingered point.

Rain, rain come again. As often as you want!

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