Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Land of Disney - part 2

The next ride was the rocket ride. Which Gracie decided last minute she was not so sure about.But Bryant was!
Then we went and ate out lunch at the in front of where they do the Star Wars show. I told William and Bryant that if they wanted to be in it they needed to stand up and raise their hands. William informed me that he did NOT want to go up there he just wanted to watch. But Bryant got picked!
Here he is waving to Bryant and Bryant waving back.The kids watching the show.

It is very intense for a 5 year old to watch his cousin battle Darth Vader, especially with Darth Mal(sp?) roaming around. He came back to stand by us. The rest of the day William kept saying he wanted to go home and get his light saber. He has a hard time understanding that we couldn't just go home real quick and get it. As soon as we did get home he got his light saber and practiced all the moves and then told me he was ready to go to Disneyland to fight Darth Vader.
These next pictures I didn't even go on, Mimi just took some great pictures of some of my family that I wanted to have.

Then over in California adventure we watched the Aladdin show which was way cool
Then we went on the Tower of Terror. I can't believe we did that. This is a picture of the picture that they take during the ride. William is behind Connie and I like how both Russ and I are pointing to William to look out and see how high we are. He didn't make and noise during the ride, but he did cry afterwords. I felt bad.

After that I took him on Monsters Inc. which was a nice slow ride and he loved it. Then we went on Pirates of the Caribbean. I forced William to go. He was soooo tired and just wanted to sit in a stroller and go home but I made him go because I knew he would be sad later. He and Grace both seemed to like that one.
Here is everyone asleep the next morning. I didn't hurt nearly as bad as I thought I would.

Here is William on the ride home. It was a very fun/ exhausting trip. The invaluable thing we had with us was Mimi. I am sure there are few who know more about Disneyland than she. She saved us so much time. It was such a great trip and I can't help but think about when we are going back.
Thank you, Thank you Mom and Dad!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Land of Disney - part 1

I wanted to get a picture of the kids entering Dinseyland so I got in and hurried to turn around and I am glad I did because this is how William entered Disneyland - I would have been sad if I missed that.
Then I wanted to take a picture of them in front of the castle, but the sun was in their eyes. Whoops.

The first ride was Peter Pan. I loved it, and I think the kids did too.
Here Gracie is looking up at the window where the evil queen from Snow White keeps popping up in. She was not too sure about that.
Then the Dumbo ride
Gracie kinda looks like she was upset or crying in some of these pictures but it was just because of the sun.
This was her favorite ride.
Then there was teacups and here Connie is telling me that I should be in there. And I told her, "no, no, no, no" I got sick just taking pictures of them riding it. Spinning and I do not mix.
But Gracie sure liked it.

We went on the Nemo ride and during the line William was getting very impatient. He told me that if he had to wait in line, he was never coming to Disneyland again! (He has since then informed me that he was just kidding when he said that.)
This is him upset after the Finding Nemo ride because he wanted to get right back on.

Then on to It's a Small World.
I think both the kids really enjoyed the fact that we were in a boat.
It was still Christmas in Small World. So much attention to detail. I love it! It even brought about spontaneous hugging from the kids.
Connie waiting for us when our ride was done.
Then we went and met up with more of our family.
Then to the Buzz Light year ride. The kids were both really excited about this one! I love how intense Russ looks in this picture.
And this one. Who is having more fun?
Another snap shot I am glad I got - this is how William felt after he got off that ride. If you ask William this was his favorite.
More to come in post #2

Monday, January 25, 2010

A little more beach and then after

There were a few photos from Connie's camera that I forgot to post.I mean look at these mid air jumping picturesand all these little sparklesso much fun I couldn't resist After the beach we killed time until we met up with my parents and a couple of my brothers at Rosco's.
Look at all those hot chocolate cups. My kids spilled two of them which sent Russ into and embarrassed stressed out tizzy.
Gracie enjoying her chicken and waffles to the very last bite.

Then at the hotel the kids laying next to each other for awhile before we all went to bed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seeing the ocean for the first time

We decided that we wanted to take the kids to the ocean because they had never scene it before. We knew it would be too cold to play in but thought they might like to see it. As I am typing this it is pouring rain outside and my feet are freezing even in their socks. So I can say that the beach was not cold that day, it was beautiful.

Connie showing them how to get their feet wet.

William having a go at it.

Getting ready, I love is stance.
Notice Gracie's silhouette in the bottom corner of this picture, with her mouth wide open in excitement.

I love this picture for 2 reasons: 1. Russ and Gracie running from the waves was a very cute thing to watch 2. you can see William just fell down in the background.
He got all wet

and was not happy about it...until I told him I had a towel and extra clothes for him. Then he went right back to playing.

Pretty soon I had to take all sweaters off so they would not get wet because they were the only ones we had.

I loved her teeny footprints in the sand. And that she is leading with her belly.
Warming up once we were done.

Her hair was pretty messed up when we got to the beach but by the time we left it was in beautiful ringlets.William made a heart in the sand.
because we {heart} the beach!
A few times when Gracie was asked what her favorite ride at Disneyland was she would answer, "the beach!"
sorry for posting so many pictures, but to quote Anne Shirley I would just like to say, if you knew how many pictures I could have posted and didn't you'd give me a lot more credit.
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