Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hello friends,
I wanted to write a quick update. I am sure since I have not been posting that most of you have assumed I am feeling like my normal pregnant self, but you would be wrong! I feel great! Great is of coarse relative. I feel nauseous all day long, I have to eat every hour or so and then sit or lay down after I eat so it doesn't come up, I chew gum to get rid of the nasty taste in my mouth, but I have not thrown up once! This is soooo great for me and I am proud of myself and I attribute a lot of this to prayer. I am also hoping that pregnancy gets better each time for me. With William I lost 14 lbs. With Gracie I lost 7lbs. and I hope to loose no weight with this one. I don't feel good, but I will take it, I feel so much better than I have in the past and what I was expecting to feel.
We have been having a blast in the valley first with Russ' parents and now with mine. We have celebrated Russ b-day at Amazing Jake's and Gracie's with my family. Her actual birthday is tomorrow and we will be celebrating with Russ' family on Saturday. Breaking Dawn is coming out on Friday and Russ and I hope to have a quick get away for our anniversary. Oh - we just found out that Russ' Prescott internship fell through so we will most likely be down here. Pictures of everything to come later.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What A Day for a Daydream

Last week we had some friends over for dinner and then Russ and his friends cleaned their guns. It was getting warm inside so we went outside and it was lovely. This little girl loves being outside. She has started social laughing were she does little chuckles at small silly things. She used to only laugh when Russ tried really hard with lots of tickles.
Here she is coming to get the camera.
She has started to take steps to us and William really likes her to walk t him. Here he is catching her.
Then is was time to play baseball. Trenton and Tucker were both catchers for William and it was cute when Tucker batted. He ran the "bases" (in a circle) like three times. It was a very fun evening.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yep that's right we are expecting number three in about nine months. We just found out last week and I don't have a date yet and I am still early enough that I don't feel sick yet. I am not sure what will happen to this blog when that happens.
For your pleasure, below is our first attempt at this picture. We were laughing at Russ face for like 20 minutes and I almost peed my pants.
Oh, I love my goober.
So do you want to here the story of how I found out? I will tell you the story of how I found out. I was at the plasma place waiting to get all my vitals taken and for some reason my blood pressure was way out of wack and they could not let me donate. The reason it was so weird is because the girl taking it was new but I think I was not supposed to donate. So I walked across the street from the plasma joint to the Dollar Store and picked myself up 2 pregnancy tests. I do this anytime anything seems like I could be pregnant because I do not take birth control. When I got home I took it and Russ looked at it right away and said your not pregnant. I looked at it a minute later and said, "uh, there is a line there I am pregnant." Then Russ took me out to eat at the Olive Garden. This man knows the key to my heart. So we are excited. Our other kids just turned out so cute we couldn't help but make another.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Sillies

I adore her little scrunched up nose!And I am not sure what this was about, but it is silly, and therefore normal in our house.William discovered he could do this and now his shirt is all nice and stretched out.I know it is hard to see, but here he is showing the guy mowing the lawn outside his new trick. As soon as the lawn mower stopped he ran out and said, "Hi, I'm, Wee-um - look at this."Having fun in the recycling.
He wasn't smiling this big when it happened - or when we cleaned it. He fell on a home made playground that had a log with a rough edge exposed. He also scrapped his elbow and ankle, and got a sliver. Poor guy.
Dinner time - this is when she officially becomes "the stinker" and we stop calling her Gracie.
"See mom, just like Daddy does."
Oh joy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Victory Dance

I published this on my other blog on accident so I am now adding it here (for the sake of the journal) and now it is out of order. Oh well.
While we were with Grandma and Grandpa we went to see WALL*E (a very cute movie) and after went to get some food. While we were there William decided to see if he could go outside and get back in by himself.
He would pull so hard...
Wedge himself between the doors
sometimes get a little stuck
but he always made it through
and then would come the victory dance

you never saw such a cute victory dance, or at least I never have.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A stab at poetry

Grace, Grace All over the place

With mashed potatoes all over your face.
Oh Gracie, you love to climb on things here you are on an old stereo and below you are on a pencil sharpener (and your father dressed you). William hardly ever climbed on anything, especially not at your age. We have to keep our eye on you.
And you LOVE to snuggle in soft blankets.
You are way too much fun to have around.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Patriotic Pancakes

Gracie woke up early with the sun and promptly threw up on me. William then got up and we got a fire going so we could have some hot chocolate. A little while later we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Here are my two jammie babies in the play pin.
I was taking William to go to the bathroom and we walked passed Connie laying on her bed and he said, "hi Connie, I am going to the bathroom. When I am all done can I come lay with you?" And that is exactly what he did.
Here he is flashing the whole camp.
Gracie is sad because Russ stole her bow. Just kidding, I could hardly get her to keep this thing on.
William can say the whole Pledge of Allegiance almost all by himself. I am very proud of him.
I made Gracie's bow in the car on the way there and one for me (only a pin) yesterday on the way to church. I also made these as favors and did a lot of them in the car on the way tot he valley. I may have to start calling this car bows.
Here is Mark doing his amazing trick.
We went back down to the creek so I could wash out more puke cloths and play in the water.
Gracie really enjoyed everything. You never would have guessed that she was sick the whole time.
We just had a nice time getting our feet wet.

Then we came back and had patriotic pancakes for lunch.
Gracie threw them up.
Here she is getting wash up while I washed up the high chair.Then a couple of Williams cousins came to join the fun and he was so glad to have some other kids around.

Then Connie watched Gracie and my mom and Dad watched William while we went swimming. Swimming consisted of jumping all the way in once for me and several times for Russ.
This is my brother Eric right before he landed right on his bum. Ouch.
It was a very fun couple of days and a wonderful way to spend celebrating our wonderful country. We live in a beautiful country besides all the other wonderful aspects that come along with the "home of the free and the land of the brave".

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