Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Waiting and Waiting...

Well, I have been what some might call depressed the past couple weeks. I keep wanting to go into labor and it keeps not happening. I also got sick with a nasty sore throat and then runny nose and sinus headache. I have been laying around like I am dying for the past couple days or sleeping. Today we went to the doctor today and I found out that if I don't have the baby by Monday the 30th I will be enduced!!!Yeah!!!I am sooo happy. I can not wait to meet this little girl!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Russ!

Today is Russ' birthday and he is 26!!! William and I woke him up with the song Celebration and dancing. Then we got up and went to the duck pond (the same place we have gone every morning for the past week.)

Russ loved to feed the ducks

And William loves to throw rocks in the water. I think he could do that all day if we let him.
Then because I am sick, I took a nap while William and Russ went to lake Mary with our friends the Leglers. William got to throw more rocks and they cought crawdads (sp?) and had a lot of fun.
When they got back William helped me make Russ birthday peach pie, or at least he licked the mixer for me.
Then we sang Happy Birthday to Russ and William really enjoyed that. Check out our awesome candles from our 72 hour kit and the one left over from Williams last birthday - I know, I'm awesome.
In fact he enjoyed it so much he had to join Russ for another round of song and blowing out the candles.

We love Russ so much and appreciated the cards, calls, and presents from our loved ones. Man I am glad that he was born. Where would I be without him?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh, an Austrian went Yodeling...

Yesterday Russ put the lederhosen that he bought for his nephew while he was on his mission on William. Russ and I both thought he looked adorable. We drove to the top of the mountain and took some pictures, hoping that the bumpy road would put me into labor. Yeah right. But our little Austrian is adorable.

Let it Rain

It started raining the other day,and we can never get William to walk out in the rain. Well today we gave him an umbrella and he would not come out of the rain, even though they don't keep you dry when you don't hold them over your head.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Christensen Family Reunion

Click on the picture above if you would like to veiw a slide show of my family reunion.

This last weekend we had a family reunion with Russ' family. We spent some time in the valley and then went to a cabin. It was a lot of fun. William loved playing with his cousins, his little cousin Elliegh and he were inseperable and constantly fighting with eachother. His older cousins were all so nice to him and I know he feels so loved around them. I love having him spend time with them. Everyone, and I mean everyone, in that family is so amazing. We had so much fun and loved every minute of it. The cute little baby is our niece that we got to meet for the first time and she loved the attention. Oh my gosh, she is sooo cute. I love talking with all my husbads sinblings, I have felt like on of the family since day one and I really appreciate it. His family is very different from my family, and I love both. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful group pf people.

This boy loves his Daddy

Here are a couple ramdom pictures that all show how much William loves Russ.

This is Russ and William exploring on the top of Mt. Elden.

Here he is swinging in Gracies new carseat.

Russ was laying down at the park and as soon as William saw what he was doing he came over from the playground and had to lay with him just for a minute. He always wants to do what Daddy is doing.

My Finished Projects

So I have had quite a few projects that I have been working on to get ready for the baby. My mom made an adorable crib bumper and blanket and I found some matching fabric and make the crib skirt and curtains. I also took apart the old blue carseat cover that I have for William and made a new one. I was pretty proud of myself, but don't look too close, its not that good.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The bike race

We had our friends over for dinner the other night and we let the kids ride their bikes for awhile. Russ decided to race Trenton on Williams bike and everything was going fine until William decided to join the race on foot and almost ran straight into Trentons bike. Kids!

Laughing Boys

We were watching our friend Carter one evening and Russ decided to show them "funny videos" on the computer. I put that in quotes because these are funny videos for adults or older children, but don't worry they were not about to disappoint Russ by not laughing.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Fourth of July!

I love the 4th of July. I was kind of bummed this year because we weren't going to be with family and I did not know what we were going to do. It turns out that our town has a parade, but because of fire danger no fireworks:( The parade was great though, it brought out the 4th spirit that I love and it was fun to watch William enjoy it all. I am soooo grateful for this country that I live in and for the people who sacrifice so much to make it what it is.

After the parade we went to the grocery store to get some watermelon, stuff for sub sandwiches, and root beer and ice cream. We had a delicious lunch and then put William down for a nap. We got to work reorganizing our house. After William woke up we started to set up William's new big boy bed that he got from all his grandparents. William helped his dad the whole time and helped his dad set up Gracies bed, which was his old bed. He has slept in his big boy bed without any problems the past two nights! Wooo Hooo!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Baby Shower

My great friend Tia threw me a baby shower with the help from other friends. It turned out sooo cute and I got a lot of great gifts that are such a blessing. Up until now I thought our little girl would have to wear blue. She is all set with her pink outfits and my Russ brother and family came to stay with us. My sister-in-law taught me how to make bows and so she has one for just about every outfit. I feel a lot more prepared for this baby now.

Connie, Alexis, my Mom and mother in law all came for the shower. It was a lot of fun to see them. This is a picture of Connie and William just before she left. We caught William just before or after a kiss, isn't that an awesome face?

Trip to the Valley

A couple of weekends ago Russ was done with his internship and it was the last week that I could travel becasue of the pregnancy, so we decided to go down to the valley to spend time with family. We spent the first couple of days at my parents. I was able to hang out with friends, swim a lot at my parents, we also helped my parents spread the rubber chips in their back yard.

William was jumping on the tramp and all of a sudden he yelled, "oh no, my pants." I looked up to see this...

And we got to see family. Look at this little cutie. She kept sitcking her tounge up and she was getting a red spot above her lip.
After a few days we spent some time at Russ' parents house. William loved the kitty and would spend a lot of time looking for her. Here he is under the table looking for her.
We also went to the park and fed the ducks and fish and birds. Russ caught a bird and William loved it. I think he loved the birds the most.

We also celebrated Russ' dads birthday and that was fun for William. My camera was dead so all the pictures are on my in laws camera but I may have to add them later because they are cute. I also got the chance to see my cousin Jacie who is about one week less pregnant than me. I have never really seen her big and pregnant before so that was fun. But technically I don't think I will ever see her "big" and anything. She makes me look like a giant.
This picture is funny because Russ was taking pictures of us and wanted us to touch tummies. Jacie was not sure about that and we had a lot of laughs trying to do it, or just thinking about it. It never really happend. All in all it was a very fun week.
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