Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to Russ!

Today is Russ' birthday and he is 26!!! William and I woke him up with the song Celebration and dancing. Then we got up and went to the duck pond (the same place we have gone every morning for the past week.)

Russ loved to feed the ducks

And William loves to throw rocks in the water. I think he could do that all day if we let him.
Then because I am sick, I took a nap while William and Russ went to lake Mary with our friends the Leglers. William got to throw more rocks and they cought crawdads (sp?) and had a lot of fun.
When they got back William helped me make Russ birthday peach pie, or at least he licked the mixer for me.
Then we sang Happy Birthday to Russ and William really enjoyed that. Check out our awesome candles from our 72 hour kit and the one left over from Williams last birthday - I know, I'm awesome.
In fact he enjoyed it so much he had to join Russ for another round of song and blowing out the candles.

We love Russ so much and appreciated the cards, calls, and presents from our loved ones. Man I am glad that he was born. Where would I be without him?

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