Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Picture-less

I always feel like I can't post if I don't have any pictures. Well I guess I will anyway. This past weekend Russ didn't have class on Friday so we went to the Valley to stay with my parents. On Friday we spent some time at Russ' parent's and had a fun time visiting with them. Friday night we went to my friend Lauren's to play games. It was a lot of fun. On Saturday I talked Russ and my sister Connie into going to the zoo. We loved it. I was always a few feet behind everyone, but William got to see an elephant, monkeys, and much more. I love watching him experience new things. It makes me feel like a kid again and appreciate things that we seem to think are mundane, like a school bus or a choo-choo train. Before we went to the zoo William pointed at me and said, "its big". I just looked at him and he repeated himself and then said, "big tummy". So there you have it, it is visible to a two year-old. I will have Russ take a picture of me soon so I can post it.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I don't even know where to start

So like the title of this blog says, I have taken soooo long to update that every time I even think about it I get overwhelmed. Anyway, I will start with the good news, on December 4th I found out that I am pregnant! Yeah! About a week later I started throwing up....crap! Oh well, that is the way it goes with me. Luckily we went to the Valley to stay with my parents for the holiday and I could spend all my time laying around on the couch and Russ got the chance to go make a little extra money by working at his old job over the break. We were there for a month and had a great "craw-chris" ("Christmas" as William would say it). This was a great year because he is excited about presents and he is soooo easy to please. I knew that he would love every one of his gifts and he did. Right now I am in the Valley again because after a couple weeks at home on my own my stomach couldn't handle it anymore and would not let anything (and I mean anything) inside it. So Russ drove William and I down here on Sunday evening, took me to the hospital and stayed well after midnight, then drove back to catch a few hours of sleep before his 8:00 class. He is coming today and I am soooo excited. Me and William have missed him so much. Life without him is not the same. Oh, and I have been better all week with the medicine they have given me. I have not thrown up since I was in the hospital and it took a couple days for me to regain my strength, but I am doing pretty good. I will add pictures soon and more details of the time that we have had, but for now that is all.
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