Friday, February 02, 2007

I don't even know where to start

So like the title of this blog says, I have taken soooo long to update that every time I even think about it I get overwhelmed. Anyway, I will start with the good news, on December 4th I found out that I am pregnant! Yeah! About a week later I started throwing up....crap! Oh well, that is the way it goes with me. Luckily we went to the Valley to stay with my parents for the holiday and I could spend all my time laying around on the couch and Russ got the chance to go make a little extra money by working at his old job over the break. We were there for a month and had a great "craw-chris" ("Christmas" as William would say it). This was a great year because he is excited about presents and he is soooo easy to please. I knew that he would love every one of his gifts and he did. Right now I am in the Valley again because after a couple weeks at home on my own my stomach couldn't handle it anymore and would not let anything (and I mean anything) inside it. So Russ drove William and I down here on Sunday evening, took me to the hospital and stayed well after midnight, then drove back to catch a few hours of sleep before his 8:00 class. He is coming today and I am soooo excited. Me and William have missed him so much. Life without him is not the same. Oh, and I have been better all week with the medicine they have given me. I have not thrown up since I was in the hospital and it took a couple days for me to regain my strength, but I am doing pretty good. I will add pictures soon and more details of the time that we have had, but for now that is all.

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