Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lunch time

My mom was in town and we decided that we would go to lunch and call Connie to see if she wanted to go too. When trying to decide where to go I remembered a few days back when our offer was not excepted on a house I really wanted and I wanted to go to Nelson's Frozen Custard. It happens to be close to Russ work so he met us there. I had my delicious veggie grinder and then we ordered a pumpkin concrete with peanut butter cups mixed in.
William was eating so fast, he probably ate most of it.


It is fun to watch my kids be kids. William would only step on the white squares and Gracie just loved to run.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

William's point of view

William found the camera and decided to take some pictures. Here is his sister with hew wiley hair.And here she is climbing on Grandmas couchAnd here is his dad. I really like this picture because it made me realize that Russ sits like that a lot and I think it is cute.
Yes, he is cute!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watching Daddy Go

One morning after saying goodbye to Russ I looked out to see the kids watching him leave and saying, "bye Daddy". It was very sweet. These were taken awhile ago because Russ is now at his new job where he leaves for work very early and if the kids were awake to see it, it would be because something was wrong.
And also because William still looks like the flying tomato. His hair has been cut for awhile now (thanks aunt Ashley!!!! Those exclamation marks are especially for you:)
Gracie does NOT like the fact that Russ works, but it seems to be getting better. For over a week straight every time I went to get her out of bed in the morning she would see me and say (in a very sad/upset voice) "Daddy NO go to work." She wouldn't want me to get her. It was very sad. She sure loves her daddy.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bubbles and faces

I don't know why but I think it is really funny when my kids lay in the bath and I just see their faces surrounded by bubbles. I guess it is just seeing them in a different way.
Laying in the bathtub is only something that happens because of Gracie. William would never do it on his own, but after watching Gracie do it a few times he decided he probably could. I love that they are so serious in this picture. Gracie loves to lay down in the water. I often catch her singing the Little Mermaid while she is doing it. She also loves that her hair touches her back when it is wet. One time she sat up and her hair was on her back and she said, "I a girl". She sure is a girl:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The boy without a couch

One day Russ was getting frustrated with our leather couch because the cushions always come off. He asked me if I could sew them on and I reminded him that we were going to get rid of the couch when we moved so I probably wouldn't take the time to sew it. Then he said, "why don't we get rid of it now?" Good point. So we did. We took it to D.I. and William was not very happy about that. We did not get the other couch moved that night so the next day we were couch less until Russ came home. William out on a video and I found him like this-

He moved my grandmothers rotary phone off of her suitcases that sit behind the couch and took a seat. I offered him other chairs that looked more comfortable but he wanted to sit there. And he didn't want me to take his picture.The last time we were at D.I. he saw our couch for sale and was begging me to buy it! Sorry kid, I know you loved to jump on it, but there is no way I am paying money for that thing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The girl in the banana box

Here is a girl who likes to have fun and make people laugh. Something she and William have in common. They are so different in so many ways, but they both love making people laugh.It has been a long time since I have posted (again). Things on the to-do list are getting done, but somehow the list is getting longer. I know I do it to myself, but I can't seem to help it. But, I don't want the blog to suffer. This is by far the best journal I have ever kept and I don't want to start slacking now. So some things to type for the record:
  • we lost the house because they wouldn't lower the price to match the appraisal. It doesn't make sense. No one understands it and that makes me feel like it was not meant to be. Once I came to that conclusion I have had peace about it.
  • We put an offer on another house that I like better. The idea of it is growing on Russ:) Hopefully we will know something next week.
  • Russ started working at his new job and of course loves being there. I am very glad he is there too.
  • The start of the holidays are upon us, including Williams birthday. Should be busy and fun!
  • I am enjoying this season of Project Runway (we have to record it at my parents because we don't have TV) and the other night I watched Becoming Jane while I worked on a project. *sigh* I love that movie.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

He tries so hard

Russ has been reading Catching Fire in is spare time (which he doesn't have much of). Here he is getting really into it.

Or just sleeping through it;) He actually did finish it and liked it and like me is anxiously awaiting the third book.

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