Thursday, October 15, 2009

The boy without a couch

One day Russ was getting frustrated with our leather couch because the cushions always come off. He asked me if I could sew them on and I reminded him that we were going to get rid of the couch when we moved so I probably wouldn't take the time to sew it. Then he said, "why don't we get rid of it now?" Good point. So we did. We took it to D.I. and William was not very happy about that. We did not get the other couch moved that night so the next day we were couch less until Russ came home. William out on a video and I found him like this-

He moved my grandmothers rotary phone off of her suitcases that sit behind the couch and took a seat. I offered him other chairs that looked more comfortable but he wanted to sit there. And he didn't want me to take his picture.The last time we were at D.I. he saw our couch for sale and was begging me to buy it! Sorry kid, I know you loved to jump on it, but there is no way I am paying money for that thing.

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