Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Russ and my brother Mark decided to run the Turkey Trot this year and my sister in law Ashley ran the fun run. I tried to show up in time and barely made it. I was hurrying to go to the finish line to wait for him and all these runners were going past and I here Russ say my name. So we got to see him run. William tried to run with him and came back to me crying because Daddy was going to fast and he wanted to run with him. It was very sad. We didn't see him cross the finish line, but we saw him eating an orange slice:) I also don't remember his time (okay so I am a bad wife) but I know he did it in under an hour, which was his goal. Way to go babe!

Here is Gracie giving her daddy a hug and William is still sad and mad that Russ didn't wait for him.

Mark also ran it in under an hour. I think they were pretty close to the same finish time. Way to go guys and too bad about that chaffing. Turns out baby powder is not a good idea before a run.

Maybe someday I will run with them...or maybe not.

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