Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A name and a blessing

On December 5, 2010 Joseph was given a name and a blessing at church by his father.
His name is Joseph Lincoln Christensen
Joseph is my grandfathers name and my fathers middle name. Two men that I love and admire very much. He is also named after the prophet Joseph Smith. One of my favorite people that ever lived.
He wore Russ' blessing outfit.
He didn't want me to get a full shot picture. He was sad about that.
He looked like an angel.
And he is a little angel.
He was wrapped in a blanket that was made for William by Russ' mother Nancy.
He was calm and quiet during the blessing.
He is such a big part of our little family, I can hardly remember life without him.
He is loved.
He is adored
and supported by many.
That in and of itself is a huge blessing for him. And he is a huge blessing for us.

1 comment:

Angie said...

Marie just saw the pictures and said, "Isn't he the cutest baby in the whole world!" Yep. And he does look like an angel.

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