Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

We left home for the Valley on Tuesday evening. We got there in time to enjoy some Taco Bell with Connie, after which Russ and I watched Nacho Libre and then went to bed exhausted.

Wednesday was my family's Thanksgiving. William loved meeting his new baby cousins and wanted to "hoe it" (hold it) all the time. I did too.

William also got to play on Grandma and Grandpas trampoline and he loved it until his cousin Vaeh tackled him. Which one is the boy? They had a lot of fun together and William was excited to see all of his cousins.

Russ' family does Thanksgiving on Friday so Thursday was a lazy day. I went shopping with my sister and we watched Scoop. That was a fun movie. William just played and played in the nice weather outside.

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