Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day

We have early church on Sunday so I went and got Russ present that I made him and brought it to him in bed. He has been wanting a bow tie for a really long time and I have had a hard time finding one at a second hand store (where I buy most things). I decided to make one but couldn't do it until Friday and didn't have a pattern so I had to call my mom who has one and get the measurements from her. It turned out kind of crappy but it will work for him to practice tying on. Once he learns how to tie it I will get him a real one.
Then William started to wake up. He had snuck into our bed sometime in the early morning. I love this sleepy morning face.Then he gave Russ his present from him, which was a book of bedtime stories by They Might Be Giants that comes with a CD of songs to go along with it. William wanted to get him this because, "Daddy likes to read books to me." William loves giving presents and that makes me happy. He has learned how to not tell what he is giving people too, which makes it more exciting.

Later that day we had dinner with Russ' parents and brother and kids and it was a great time. There was a lot of laughter and love as you can see William hugging Grandpa and telling him,
Happy Fathers Day.

I celebrated Fathers Day with my family on Saturday with swimming and dinner and visiting, but no pictures. Except for this one of Gracie in the toy box.I love my dad so much and Russ' dad so much and Russ is such a good dad. I feel very lucky and blessed. No dead beats around here. Infact Russ is in the other room right now singing/readind a book called Snuggle Puppy to the kids and they LOVE it.

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