Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Letter to Gracie

Dear Gracie,
I was thinking about these pictures the other day. I was remembering watching you drool on the purple paper and how sweet you looked in all the hats. I remember laughing at how you always stuck your tongue out when you were happy. I remember after we were done putting you back in your fuzzy green jammies that were your dads when he was a baby. There was snow outside. I knew everything about you, better than anyone else. As I thought about this I realized that I knew everything to know about you at the time, but that was so little of who you are. I had no idea that you loved to read stories so much. If it is quiet and I don't know where you are you are always in your room on the floor surrounded by books.
Here you are telling me you are "all wet"
I had no idea that you hair would spring out in golden curls and that I would love it so much.
I had no idea that you would be a little more daring then William teaching him how to do things like lay down in the tub, or try to walk off a step in the swimming pool so you can get the rings on the bottom (I know, yikes!)
I didn't know that you would be leery of strangers and yell, "no" to anyone who approached you that you didn't know or that you weren't in the mood to talk to. I could have guessed that though because you were never crazy about strangers. I had no idea that you would love to paint your nails so much and that you would sing everywhere you go. Your sweet little voice always fills the space in our home and your dad and I love it. You also love movies and are asking to watch them all the time.
A favorite time of the day for everyone is when you are bathed and dresses and ready for bed. We read stories and sing songs and you are snugly and sweet. Sometimes when Daddy is putting you to bed he will be in there for 30 minutes to and hour tickling and snuggling you. You are just to sweet to put down and you know it. The other night after I laid you down and was walking out of your room you yelled, "Mommy wait, special song." That tugs on the heart strings.

We love you so much. You bring happiness and sweetness into our home we love watching you grow and learn more about you all the time. I still feel like I know you better than anyone else, but I also realize that it is just a portion of you and the rest is yet to come. I can't wait.

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Ashley said...

Your kids are so dang cute sometimes I cant even stand it!!! I'm glad we get to live by you guys, it's a lot of fun!

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