Friday, August 06, 2010

A new start

After the party we all got ready and headed out to Phoenix for my sister in laws baptism. That's right! My sister in law, Lupe decided to join our church and I am so happy for her. Nothing (and I mean nothing) makes my life better/easier/ more peaceful than the gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope it brings the same kind of light to her life and I know it will if she lets it. Here are a couple of my other sister in laws. Oh, and Sam. Russ lookin' good in his new suit.

My brother Kent and two if his little guys.
My parents with my niece and nephew.
Gracie singing along to the spanish hymns.
Ashley put Sam's hands on his bottle and he kept them there. He is getting so big.
Lupe with my Dad and the missionaries after the baptism. And here is Lupita
This is a happy face. I think she wanted to eat my camera. I wanted to eat her.

This after we got home, Russ trying to make Sam smile.
Nothing is better than a smiling baby.

Gracie found her dolly with a "happy face".
And she wanted to have some more tea before bed, so we did.
It was one of those days where you are going all-day-long, but it is so happy and so fun. I love days like these.

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