Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The rest of camping

To the creek!

The guys getting in the freezing water.

Oh man, he is so cold.

William trying to climb Russ to get out of the cold water.
Look at these guys. I love them so much.
William started to drop, can you see the panic on his face?

Mark told William he would take him to "the door". I don't think William was ready for the cold.
Relaxing in the ice water
Explaining to William that he is going to have to get back in the water to get back to us.
Russ showing him how it is done.

William was fine to just play on the rocks.
Trying to catch a football midair.
Actually doing it this time.
William getting ready to jump.

He did it!
And he was out of that water faster than he was in.

Way to go buddy.
Just another picture of my awesome husband.

Back at camp there was this cute guy.
Everyone loved to play with him and try and get him to smile.
William sat very patiently outside the gopher whole and coaxed him out with a leaf! Soon he was doing it with bread and sun chips and Russ had to join in the fun. I kept telling William not to touch it because I didn't want him to get bit. Later he came up and whispered to me that he did pet it and it didn't bite him. Apparently he is Dr. Doolittle like his Dad.

On Sunday we had a little church meeting and William bore his testimony unasked and unprompted. It was a very sweet moment for me. I loved hearing every ones thoughts and testimonies there in the woods. I want to thank my parents for giving us such a wonderful family experience. Going to girls camp, the Christensen family reunion, and this camping trip has taught me that there is something special about spending a lot of time with others. We all live close by so we see each other a lot, but there is something different about spending days together at a time. I think we all let a little more of our guard down. I am not sure what it is, but I am grateful for it and can't wait until next year. But we will probably have to invite a friend for William to bring next year.
And the Happy Camper award goes to...
He really was such a good little guy. And props to Mark and Ashley for going even though they had this little guy.

It wouldn't have been the same without them.

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