Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's a miracle

Doug and Rachel brought their wii over and it was a lot of fun. We just might have to get a wii even though Russ and I have sworn to never have a gaming system (Russ has a hard time with self control when they are around and I believe they can be huge time wasters) But Russ played "Just Dance" and he never dances. He said it is not really dancing, but it looked like dancing to me. 

I loved watching Gracie do it. It was a little tough for her, but she had fun.

Rachel helped me work on some marquee lights for the fundraising dinner we were having that night at the church. Rachel is really awesome like that, she will always help me with what I am working on.

Here are some girls trying to hang the letters. I am so sad I didn't take anymore pictures of the decorations. It was a vaudeville theater and it looked so awesome! We had a huge turn out and I spent the majority of the night in the kitchen.

It was crazy busy in there. We made a lot of pasta that day. I felt like Strega Nona (a favorite childhood book). We were all running around like crazy trying to get everything done.

The kids had a great time in the nursery. It was a very fun and tiring evening.

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