Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Train Boy

Boy, does our boy love trains! This is him playing with the tracks at his Grandmas house. The other night we went to the mall to let him play on the playground. When we were walking through the mall I noticed William wasn't with us anymore and I look back to see him following a boy that had a Thomas shirt on. Later we went to get ice cream and some spilled on his shorts. When Russ wiped it off William shouted "Thomas" and the wet spot did remarkably look like Thomas. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera. The next day we went to Williams first birthday party. When we got there he just started walking around saying, "where's Thomas cake?" I'm trying to teach him that not everyone will want or have a Thomas cake. He seems to think that is all there is. And anytime someone says they have a present for him he says, "Thomas present." I think he is a little obsessed.

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