Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Grandma's Funeral

William lovin on his cousin

On May 31st my Grandmother passed away. She is my dads mom and the last living grandparent for both my husband and I. I did not see her very often towards the end of her life, but when I did I knew that she wasn't feeling well at all. I am glad that her body is at rest and that she is with my Grandpa. Going to her funeral made me wish that I could have known her better. She was such a funny lady, whenever I think about her it makes me smile. She was the kind of person who said what was on her mind and didn't think too hard about it before hand. A funny story that I always think of is when I was younger and we were watching Forest Gump and an embarassing part was coming up so I got up to leave. My mom pointed out what I was doing and then my Grandma yells, "whats the matter, Debbie? They're only making love." Thanks grandma, I didn't realize that.
The Funeral was nice. She did not even want one so we kept it short and sweet. It was nice to see family, as it always is at fuerals. One of the best parts was that my sister Connie came up to stay with us for the weekend. I was sooo glad. I'm not sure who was more glad, me or William. Russ was pretty excited too. It has been nice to have my sister be my best friend my whole life, but even better that my husband and son love her as much as I do. What a blessing. I didn't take any pictures except the one of William waiting outside for her, even though she wasn't coming for awhile. When she did get there we were on our way home from picking Russ up so she was standing outside our door and William went running to her. The whole time she was here he wanted to know where she was. He would wait outside the bathroom for her and when we were eating dinner the first night he said, "Connie came home." Thats how I felt too.

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Connie said...

Thanks Debbie I love being with you guys too. While driving up with mom & dad to pick you up I was telling them how you are always hinting that I should move up to Flagstaff. I told them that I would move to Flagstaff even though I have no desire to move to Flagstaff besides the fact to be close to you guys. And if I didn’t already know I was where I was suppose to be right now. Mom told me I couldn’t because then you guys would never come down to visit.

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