Monday, January 24, 2011

Dear William

 (all these pictures make me smile or laugh - I love having a kids who makes me laugh)
Dear William,
You are growing up so much. I probably say that every time I write you a letter. You are reading and writing more and that is very fun to watch. You love going to school (but sometimes it is hard to drag you out of bed for it) and doing your "works" and I love it when you show me things you learn. I don't like it when you think you know more than me. I know that day will come, but it has not come yet.
You are such a good brother to Gracie. You guys can play for hours together and for the most part you are really patient with her. The other day she had dressed up in a Christmas dress and you came in, took one look at her and told her she looked so pretty. It made her day and I am so glad you recognize that like to do that.
You really enjoy acting silly and sometimes I really enjoy doing that with you. You lovemaking people laugh. You love to play fight and cast spells. You are way into Harry Potter. We are reading it right now and I can tell you are a little impatient with it. I have to remember not to read too much at a time and also to let you read a sentence every now and then and I think it would be more enjoyable.
You are such a good big brother to Joseph. you always tell him he is, "the cutest little boy in the whole wide world" and it always makes him smile. If I am busy and Joseph starts fussing you will talk to him and play with him and try to make him happy. You love to move his arms around and pretend he is playing sports. He loves doing it too. You love that Joseph looks like you did when you were a baby and you tell everyone.

Here you are practicing going cross eyed. I'd say you do a pretty good job. I can also tell you are growing up because you have this desire to be good. You often ask, "have I had any bad moods today?". A lot of times the answer is no. You don't whine and complain and disobey as much as you used to. This makes me very happy.

You draw all the time and I love looking at your drawings. This one is of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. You bring tons of pictures home from school. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in them. You also love maps and the planets. You love to talk about space. You say you want to be an astronaut so you can go into space. I can't wait to see what you do as you continue to grow.
I love you tons,

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