Thursday, January 06, 2011

Big Fat Christmas Post

Christmas morning I told the grandparents and Connie to show up at 6:30 because I thought William would be up early since the morning of Christmas eve I was up at 4:30 changing Joseph's diaper and William came out and said, "we can get up really early." I  told him not that early and sent him back to bed. Well Christmas morning we had to wake them up and when we did William asked to sleep a little longer.What??!! The day before he could not stop talking about his presents and begging to open them.
The kids didn't even want to run through the wrapping paper covering the door way so Russ did.
They perked up once they saw the presents.
Here he is checking out all the loot. Do you see that stroller/walker I got for Joseph? I love it. He might have received the most expensive gift this year. Wouldn't it a great photography prop? It will probably show up in our next family picture.

I love his sleepy eyes in this picture. Sleepy eyes are one of my favorite things.
Santa brought William what he asked for - a Harry Potter wand. But he also brought him the glasses and a quidditch coat. Thanks for going the extra mile big guy, William looks great in his glasses.
Gracie got makeup from Santa. As I am typing this I realized we still have not opened it and I could probably take it back without her noticing. She had more distracting gifts.

I found this awesome globe bank while thrifting and it is prefect for him. He loves maps and globes and all things space.
Another thrift store find was this mirror for Gracie. I got it so she can see herself when she washes and also when she puts on her makeup and chap stick. She loves it.
Here she is looking at the picture inside her new locket necklace. She loves it, but not wearing it unfortunately.
What could this be?

This is a doll house that aunt Sue gave us to give to her. It belonged to her when she was little and she has only had boys so she gave it to us. Thank you so much Sue - she loves it (William does too:)

Could she be more excited?
Gracie giving Connie her Eiffel tower necklace that she picked out for her.
Williams new reptile book.
Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa.
She got a shopping cart. I think she now has everything she could ever want. I hope by her birthday I can think of something to get her.

William got a book he had been wanting about the human body.
Russ wearing the hat I got him, the newsies hankie Connie got William and looking a picture that his parents gave him of his Grandma Clara.
Joseph woke up to join the party.
We got a box of goodies from Aunt Kirsten for Joseph. Russ showing off one of the onsies.

William snuggling in the quilt Grandma C made for Joseph.
Now with its rightful owner.
Gracie got gum, lots of gum in her stocking. I got gum because my kids love it and it is sugar free. They got enough sugar this holiday season.

What a beautiful Christmas morning
After awhile my whole family came over for a amazing breakfast that my mom made. Then we had a gift exchange. Connie had our family and I got the book Anna and the French Kiss and a super cute butter dish that I wanted and needed.
 She gave Russ and shirt with Abraham Lincoln's face on it, He has always had a love for honest Abe.

Connie also made our little Joseph Lincoln  an awesome little onsie.

 We spent the rest of the day watching Williams new movies - Newsies and Harry Potter. And doing this...

look at how cute!
We had a wonderful Christmas. I have felt so blessed this year and am grateful for the time I got to spend with family and friends. I hope everyone had  as good a Christmas as we did.


Jen said...

Happy New Year! I love seeing your gorgeous family on your blog :) Looks like a fantastic Xmas was had by all - I particularly love the bABE Lincoln shirt, and that Russ has a grandma Clara (that's my first baby's name). Hugs to everyone,

Sarah Millington said...

Totally cute and fun! I love the walker! I think there is a baby picture of my mom in one just like that! However did you find one in such good shape?

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