Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Joseph

Dear Joseph,
time has flown by and you are now 3 months old. Let me tell you about your three month old self. First of all these pictures were taken at more like 2 and a half month. you are still not  sleeping through the night. We are going to start working on that. You sleep pretty good, but you wake once at 10 or 11 pm for a bottle and then sometime around three or four. We have all had colds lately so you wake up more often. Sometime all you need is for me to stick your pacifier in your mouth and sometimes I don't know what you need.
You put your hands up on your bottle like you are going to start holding it or something. It is pretty cute. You also like to be fed with your bottle propped or me holding you in my lap facing outward. I think you like to see what is going on (William was the same way).
You are growing so much. Almost everyday you look bigger to me. we took you to get weighed yesterday and you are almost 16 lbs. That is about half the size of Gracie. You are one thick boy. You think you can sit up all ready. When I lay you on the pillows on my bed you sit up and then tip over and you seem to like doing this. You love it when your brother and sister talk and play with you. You are extremely patient with Gracie and the fact that she is always right in your face.
As far as naps go you are so-so. You seem to be getting better. This picture above is cute because it is not typical. Usually if you are sleeping you are swaddled tight like a burrito and you look like a floating head. You head is huge, by the way. You definitely got the Christensen head. You like us to pat your bum when you are falling asleep. Sometimes if you are having a hard time taking a nap I will load you in the car seat and go to the store. You usually sleep really good in your car seat, in the car or in the store. That is a huge blessing because, I go a lot of places. Right now, and for a long time you have slept in a bouncy chair. I am not sure what they are really called, but I think you like it cause when you squirm (which you do a lot) it sort of bounces you back to sleep. Right now we have put the bouncy chair in the bassinet. Maybe soon we will be able to transition you to the bassinet.
This is the bouncy chair you sleep in. look at the rolls on those thighs. I love them and you love having them rubbed after your baths (which you also love). These are your cloth diapers (my favorites are soft bums) and they make you look even bigger.

You are such a sweet little guy.Your smile lights up the room and my day. Three kids has been a hard transition for me, but not because I don't adore you. Everything you do it cute and I love watching you grow. I know it is going to fly by and I can't wait to get to know more of your personality. Right now I know you are strong, happy, hungry, and cute.

Love you much,

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