Thursday, April 23, 2009

Super Massive Park Post

Because of the rain the day of our Easter picnic all the rides at the park were closed. I promised William we would go back so the next Saturday we did. And here are the pictures - LOTS of them.
The Carousel

Pure joyThe Ferris Wheel
Notice Gracie in the background of this one.Gracie is happy in this picture even though she looks scared The Train

William playing with Edwards car The Park
Lots of ducks and turtles to look at.
I LOVE the way Gracie would climb on the gate. where have you been all my life?

The Jet Ski's
(Gracie's favorite)

It was a very fun day and we were all tired when it was time to go home.

1 comment:

Adriana said...

What a fun day! What park is this? There are so many rides! Does it get pretty busy on Sat?
Sorry, so many questions it just looks very cool :)

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