Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miss Grace

Now Gracie was much harder to photograph. I tried singing some of her favorite songs, but here here she is below sayong, "no, nuff!" Which means, "no, enough." I promise I don't say that her when she sings. The pictures aren't bad, but they are not great. And thank heavens for picasa and retouch tool so I could get rid of all the pieces of the seed pod that got all over her sweater. I couldn't get her to put that thing down.
So now again, help. Let me know your favorite.


2. 3. 4.



Oh, and I just had to add this picture of my little girl and her daddy.

This picture is so cute it makes me want to squeal.


natasha129 said...

I couldn't decide on William's, but you have to get use a picture of Gracie smiling since that is her constant state!! I say either 2 or 6 is my vote! We miss you guys, btw. Harper keeps talking about William but referring to him as, "that boy". As in, "That boy gets pennies".

Sherri Romney said...

Yay it worked!!! And I am torn between pic 1 and pic 6... but all are precious! Especially the one with Daddy

Jacie said...

I like #1

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