Saturday, June 28, 2008

Scripture Study

The other morning William found my mini Book of Mormon that I carry in my purse and began "reading" me all the scripture stories he knows.

I later heard him ask Russ, "can you read the scriptures?" When Russ told him he could he said, "I can read the scriptures too!" He is growing up so much and very pleased with himself when he can do something new. He is such a good kid. The other day coming home from a church meeting where he was being not so reverent and Russ was not there. When I was putting he and Gracie in the car it was really hot and William kept asking me questions like, "is that our car?" and pointing to a big truck. I was quickly loosing my patience. While we were driving away he said,
"Mommy are you mad?"
"are you frustrated?"
and then a whole conversation about how if he doesn't want me to be mad he needs to be better before I get mad. Then he said,
"Mommy, you don't have to be mad. You can be happy if you want to."

Right you are William - thanks for the reminder. I love you.

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