Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love and Marriage

Well this was the weekend that one of my best girlfriends, Alexis got married. On Thursday I threw her a shower at my other friend Jennies house, thank you - thank you Jennie. It was a lot of fun. Some REALLY funny stories with some funny girls.

Alexis got a lot 0f great gifts. This was my gift to her. Her bedroom colors are black, white, and yellow so when I saw this fabric I could not pass it up. This is a silhouette of a picture on their wedding announcement painted onto the fabric. Russ helped me out and it turned out nice. It reminds me of a song my dad loves called Two Silhouettes on the Shade.

The next night was the reception held at her parent home. While I was there I realized I have a lot in common with Alexis' mother. I loved their yard for a few reasons: 1. This swing set that was an actual set of different kinds of swings. 2. A chicken coop

3. Plants in an old bathtub 4. a porch swing
Everything was so beautiful. William got to meet a few of my old friends (Congratulations Jenny!) and had a fun time. He found a blue lollipop (or lollipat as he would say) in my purse and is showing off his blue tongue.

Here is The bride and I with Gracie who was up WAY past her bedtime, but still in good spirits.

And then this morning I was able to attend their sealing. It was very sweet and I am so happy for them. Marriage is so great and I know they are going to love it.

I am glad to see that Riley adores her, as he should. Of course being at the Temple, especially a sealing, makes me think of one person.
I miss you - My Love

Just not the same without you.

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Alexis said...

yes Russ you were missed

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