Saturday, June 05, 2010

A Hero Party

William was the hero of the day. Gracie slipped off the step into the pool and William pulled her out. I only saw him pulling her out of the pool. I felt horrible, but was grateful that William was there and did not hesitate, he just got her out as fast as he could. When I was thanking him and telling him how proud I was of him he asked, "am I the hero?" I told him he was and we decided to have a hero party, and for it he wanted chocolate cake.

He even let Gracie have a turn blowing out the candle. (that is frosting from the beaters all over her face)

These next two pictures are some of my favorite pictures EVER! The first is Gracie telling William thank you for saving her...
and this is when he said, "your welcome". William is such a good brother and Gracie is such a good sister. Together they make a great team.


I am sad it happened, but glad that he was brave and did the right thing. It is a sweet thing to hear Gracie say, "my big brudder saved me."


Angie said...

High five to William. He is a hero. Phew!

Rachel said...

I love these pictures too! SO sweet!

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