Tuesday, February 09, 2010

An unplanned birthday party

After the baby shower (I already posted a little about this) I wanted to open my birthday present so Connie and Mimi ran home to get Connie's present she had gotten me and a to get a cake. The cake had Tinkerbell on it and Gracie was sooooo excited about that. Don't be fooled by the 27 on the cake. Connie had a momentary brain malfunction and bought the wrong number. I am 26. Then the kids helped me open my gift from Russ that was wrapped beautifully with pages from the Anthropologie catalogue.

He actually did it! He bought me the camera!
And I am so happy!
Then Connie got me the cutest green dress. I am contemplating slowly changing to an all green wardrobe.

Then William brought me his present (his toy gun wrapped in a blanket). Look how pleased he looks.William loves presents. Getting them and giving them.
And Gracie thought the dress was so pretty that we needed to dance.

Then we put the kids to bed and watched Whip it. What a lovely unplanned birthday it was.

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