Friday, December 11, 2009

QC Parade

Last weekend we went out to Queen Creek to see the kids cousin Vaeh in a parade and help my brother and his family move into their house. Here are William Bryant and Gracie. My mom and I loved how Gracie has started following the bigger kids around trying to do what they do. Here is Vaeh. So good at concentrating on what she is supposed to be doing even with all of us yelling her name and waving at her. (She is the 3rd one in from the left on the bottom)William loved the marching band.

I know Gracie is the one your eyes are probably drawn to in this picture, but notice William - he sure loves the marching band drums.
After we went the park where they had lots of stuff to play on. William LOVED this slide.

Close up of the happy face. He loved this stuff so much that he didn't want to go into the little petting zoo where there was a baby COW! He looked at it from the outside of the fence and then ran back to the giant slide.Gracie (and Russ) sure loved the animals though. This cow loved Russ and Russ loved to scratch him. There is a small irrational part of me that thinks it would be fun for us to have a pet cow.Gracie got brave and would walk up and touch the animals. She was fine as long as they didn't turn their heads towards her.And look at this sweet little piggy.Russ sure had fun. And the highlight was Gracie got to ride a pony.

Then she promptly fell asleep in the stroller on the way back to the car. It was a lot of fun.


mimilee said...

i love how many of your activity blogs end with gracie sleeping. also, russ looks like he would make an excellent farmer. farmer russ... and lastly, PLEASE get a pet cow! i love it!

Angie said...

Sad we missed you guys that day. What a fun event. We went last year and my girls still talk about riding the pony. Next year!

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