Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dear Mr. 5 Year old

Happy birthday! This letter is a couple of weeks past your birthday but I have not had a good quiet moment to sit down and write this. In fact it is not quiet right now, but I decided I just need to do it. Especially since you are being an extremely ornery boy today....I need to be reminded of the fun, irresistible you.So your five year old self is pretty awesome. You are still really good at basketball. The other day in the car you asked me, "why do only boys really like to fight?" I believe you meant play fight because you sure love to play fight. You love being any super hero.You love to play computer games and watch movies and would do those two things ALL DAY LONG if I let you. In fact that is where most of our arguments come in...when you have to get off or be told no when you want to do one of those things. You can do really well on the computer and have figured most things out on your own. You have a new bed that is up high with a ladder and you like it. You like it. You love going up and down the ladder. You love it so much you do it all night:) Okay, okay you don't do it all night. Just for the first hour or so after you go to bed. You love to be silly and be tickled. You love to watch funny videos with your dad on the computer. You like to help me cook. You like to pour your own drinks. You don't like to wipe your own bum (which I decided a five your old can do).
Your name suits you because you are very strong willed. You will stay in time out for an hour before you will choose to calm down or be nice, if you don't want to. When you don't want to do something, you won't. I am trying to teach you that having a good attitude can make all the difference. Hopefully you will learn that soon. I feel bad because I know that you should probably be in school of some sort. You love to play with Gracie, but sometimes she is happy to play with her little figurines all by herself and you get frustrated. You need to be able to PLAY with kids your age and I wish you were in something. I did not put you in anything because I thought we would be moved by now. Oh well, hopefully you will be in something soon.
Five year old favorites:
Color - "orange is my still favorite color."
Animal - Cow, tiger, and jaguar
Song - "My special song" (I will by the Beatles)
Movie - Little Einsteins (this changes weekly)
Food - Macaroni and cheese
Toy - Star Wars action figures

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Angie said...

Those pictures are the best. I love that boy.

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