Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's going

I like order and schedules. I am not crazy about them and I am never quite successful with them, but I am always trying and close to following them. The last couple of weeks have been very order-less and spontaneous.

I never went to the grocery store because I had something going on almost every day last week. I did stop by the store to pick some stuff up for a girls night out. I was also starting to feel sick to I went to sit in my sisters jacuzzi. My bath just can not get hot enough right now. The kids and I have been living off of toast and Ramen (I never eat it unless I am sick). I have even had Russ pick up dinner on his way home twice in the past two weeks (which I rarely ever do). The night before last (tues) Russ and I watched 17 again. Towards the end I was feeling hot and the ac was making a funny noise. After investigating I found that yep, the ac was out. We turned all the fans way up and got ready for bed. Gracie woke up and came into her room, her room was hot and she "slept" in our bed for awhile but I was having a hard time because I was getting warm so I got up to get Gracie and I a drink and found that it was cooler in the living room because the office (next to the living room) has a built in ac and it was turned on. So I woke Russ up and made a make shift bed on living room floor and there we all slept. It was like a camp out. After the ac guy came the next morning the kids and I took off to see a doctor for their nasty pink eyes. We didn't have breakfast before we left because I wanted to get out of there before it got to hot and we didn't really have anything anyway because I had not been to the store in forever. William really DID NOT want to go to the dr. so I told hi if he was good he would get a donut for breakfast. Little did I know it would be nearly lunch time by the time we left the dr. We were all hungry so while picking up our new eye drops I got the kids donuts.
Notice his red eyes and orange nails. The other hand is blue and his toes are green. If you ask him he will tell you it is paint not nail polish and it is for boys:)

It's hard to see because of the flash, but his eyes are really red. After the doctor we went to my moms and I ate a lot of food. Apparently toast and Ramen does not hold up for me. The kids napped, well Gracie did FOREVER. I had to wake her up. William swam for a little while and Gracie cried for a long time and then we headed home. The ac was working and Russ was home, but Russ and I were so tired all we could think of was bed. So we worked our hardest to get them to bed. Now it is a new day and all I can think about is nap time. I hope we are back on schedule soon.

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Lindsey & Brett said...

Sounds like you have been having a lot of not fun lately. Did you get my text the other day? Maybe I don't even have your correct phone number... at any rate, I hope things start looking up.

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