Thursday, May 21, 2009

And then...

...Russ' class had a party that we went to. It was nice except for the fact that Gracie was beyond tired and had to be in the hall most of the time, so we missed a lot of it. Here is a picture of Russ after going up to get his certificate.This is the picture of the class as a group, I had to take two pictures because the group was too big and I swear he is in there somewhere.

Here are the guys. They made this experience really fun for Russ which made it nice for me, so I am really glad they were there. And they came with package deal wife and kids that made my time there way more fun. I am so glad I met all of these people (and more that aren't pictured) and I wish I had gotten closer with some of them sooner.

So after we took these pictures we started to leave because Gracie was sooo fussy and as we were getting ready to walk out she laid her head down on Russ' shoulder and fell asleep. That means she was the most tired she has ever been because she has NEVER done that since she was like 2 months old. She has fallen asleep in the car but never in the middle of an event.
(I stole these pictures off Steve and Jenny's blog because I didn't like the way mine turned out)

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alison huston said...

BEN!!!!! Is he staying in with peds?

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