Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sneaky Leprechauns

Those sneaky leprechauns even turned our bagels green.
The night of St. Patrick's day I had to go to the store to pick up some more corned beef (I stalk up when it is on sale) and saw some green bagels and I couldn't resist. We eat corned beef and cabbage once a month at Russ' request and then use the left overs for Reuben sandwiches. This time they were on Green bagels. My kids love to eat bagels.
While I was mopping William wanted to help, but he wanted to do it Cinderella style. I even had to come in later pretending to be Lucifer the cat and mess it all up for him. By the time he was done it took a full size towel to dry up the mess, but it was fun.

As William gets older it is so fun to watch him doing things I remember doing as a child. I remember washing the floor like Cinderella, I also used to love to get baskets, put them over my arm and walk around the yard singing like I was Aurora from sleeping beauty. I have seen William do the same thing. I don't know if he is thinking Sleeping Beauty, but he makes up songs as he sings outside and I love watching him - but I can't let him know I am watching him. I had a wonderful childhood and I love reliving moments of that with my children.

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Lindsey & Brett said...

You and your kids are so cute. They are so lucky to have such a fun and crafty mom like you. :)

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