Friday, March 06, 2009

I finally surprised him!

So I have not really ever been able to really surprise Russ with a gift that he likes. Most the time I get to the point where I think he just needs to pick it out (whatever it is) because I will get it wrong. I have been thinking about getting him a grill lately and I was thinking maybe Father's day, maybe graduation (coming up!). Then the other day he says, "I think we should get a grill." Part of me is thinking "good, he really wants one" and another part is thinking "crap, he is going to ruin my surprise!" So the next morning, Russ got to go into work late so he went to the gym in the morning. As soon as he was out the door I got on Craig's list and found a beauty of a grill for a decent price (I called my parents to make sure I was right). I called the guy and set up a time to come over. After Russ went to work and the kids were up, I borrowed the truck my brother has been using and drove over to get it. When I got it the guy told me that 10 people had called about it so I felt extremely happy that I called first thing in the morning. I got it home, enlisted my sister-in-law to help me get it out of the truck, got it cleaned up a bit, just in time for him to come walking up the drive at noon. William and I were so excited to take him around back to show him our surprise (Russ thought the surprise was that I had finally got rid of all our moving boxes that are still littering the back yard - no they are still there:) He was pretty excited to see a shining new grill.
Then I went to the store to pick up some yummy ciabatta rolls to make some delicious zucchini sandwiches.
While I was at the store I felt bad making his first meal on his grill vegetarian so I got some steak. But those two steaks are for 4 people. As part of our religion we have been counseled to eat meat sparingly and we have been doing pretty good. We have meat in our diet probably two times a week - at dinner time. And sometimes that consists of a few slices of bacon cut up into a large pot of pasta. By the way, I love vegetarian meals and I now hate touching and cooking with raw meat.
Russ is really good about supporting my semi-vegetarian and healthy eating lifestyle that I am trying to do here. So good he got a new grill. And he loves it. And I love that he loves it.

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Samantha said...

You are the best wife ever. Way to go on your big surprise. I have yet to surprise Jonathan. You should do a post on some of your favorite veg recipes. I am way interested.

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