Thursday, November 27, 2008


It was sprinkling outside so the kids and I went out to run around.

And I was barefoot so hopefully I won't catch my death. (when I was younger and it would rain my sister and I would go running down the street barefoot and our friend would always be standing under a jacket or umbrella in front of her house and would tell us we would get sick. It wouldn't be long before she was running with us.)
Instructions for water play from my 4 year old:
1. Put your hand in the water until it is good and wet2. Then shake it at your mom until she is good and wet.Instructions for water play from my 16 month old:
1. Put your hands in the water until they are good and wet.2. Then rub them on your shirt until it is good and wet.

At any rate just have a good time!


alison huston said...

You have a white picket fence, that is so you Debbie. Congrats on your home, it's beautiful. I love the red brick. Fun pictures, we need to have a FHE together and take our kiddo's through the visitor's center together.

Jessie Brown said...

You take great pictures. Do you have an awesome camera? Hope you had an great turkey day.

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