Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween Re-cap

I have been meaning to add some Halloween to this blog but things just kept coming up. Well here it is - our Halloween 2008
First of all - here we are at our church Trunk-or-Treat. Here is the cutest kitty I have ever seen. She would even say, "mow-mow"I made this dress for my costume because I wanted a green dress. I will probably post about making it on my other blog some time.Here is Cat woman sucking on a hot dog bun.and here she is five minutes later still sucking on it. This picture was taken right before we hunted down the garbage can and a napkin to get rid of that mess. Teething? Here is Robin showing Batman how to get the doughnuts off the string and Batman was not interested after that. I think that was actually because the girl working the booth spoke a little too forcefully to him when he tried to get it with his hands.He did win in the cakewalk and here he is consuming his goods.Here he is with all his loot. He thought it was a lot and he does not need any more than this.Here is Cat woman trying a tootsie roll
Here she is lounging with the tootsie still in her mouth.Here she is in the bathtub with it still in her mouth. I took it out after this.On actual Halloween night we went to our friends house. William got to go trick-or-treating with his buddy Carter. Carters little sister Kiley had her birthday that day so we went over for a party.
With LOTS of yummy food.
Here they are ready to save the world. Look our Christian Bale - we may have found a replacement.Here he is going up to a scary house with his hand on the hilt of his batman sword (he bday present from his mom and dad) ready for action. He decided candy was not worth the scary houses. After telling people "thank you" for giving him candy he would say "Happy Trick-or-Treat" instead of Happy Halloween.Here is poison Ivy giving Robin the kiss of death.

On the way home that night we were driving slow down the kids filled streets and William would yell happy Halloween out the window to everyone. Not everyone heard and that disappointed him, but it was nice anyway. Holidays are getting progressively more fun as he gets older.

I hope you all had a wonderful Trick-or-Treat.


Lindsey & Brett said...

Sounds like Halloween was a success!

Lindsey Springfield said...

Your family is so cute and you are so creative! Lindsey Springfield

Jennie Carter said...

If there was a "Cutest and most creative family halloween costume ensemble" would totally go to you guys!

How was William's b-day party? Sorry we couldn't make it!

Courtney said...

I'm LOVING Your costume! It turned out SO good!

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