Thursday, September 18, 2008

Where's Graice?

This is a new game we have been playing at our house, and it is loved by all.
This is how it goes:
"Wheeeere's Gracie?"

"Oh, there she is!"

"Wheeeere's Gracie?" "Oh, there she is!"
"Wheeeere's Gracie?" "Oh, there she is!" You get the idea


Jacie said...

So for some reason after looking at these pictures I understand the thing you and Connie were telling me about Gracie looking like me:) Do you remember that conversation? There is just something so familiar about her in these pictures... like I am looking at Rand with pig tails maybe!

Ginny said...

denim deb! your little babes are sooo precious! I look at your blog all the time and love it! who knew you would have had such adorable chillins??? just kidding! but really....theyre soooo cute! When I saw you at Julies reception i just couldnt believe you have 2 babies. wierd how we all grow up

Ginny said...

i just wrote a really long comment about how adorable your babies are and it got erased somehow! or maybe it just didnt post because you have to approve it....i just saw that:)

Lindsey Springfield said...

your kiddos are such cuties!

Andrew and Rachel said...

=) Cute post.

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