Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Gracie is now old enough and she and William can both have fun playing together. This is very fun for me. This is on the playground right outside our apt in Flagstaff. Gracie wasn't crazy about going down by herself (don't worry she was going really slow).
Luckily William was happy to let him go down with her.
This was their favorite way.

I sat out on the nice summer evening watching my wee ones going down the slide about a bazillion times and Russ helping them every time. It was bliss.

These pictures were taken at my mothers house. Here they are being spun in the chair by their father.

It was all really fun, until...
Gracie started to look like this...
I made Russ stop because I could tell she was starting to feel like I feel when I am spun (dizzy and sick). We set her down to see what she would do

and this is what she did.

She could not even sit up straight. It was sad - she did not like it.

Then here at our new abode (we are living with her, but that is for another post) playing with grandmas water table on the dirty back patio.

These sweet little buns sure love to splashWilliam decided he wanted "in' the table, so...I let Gracie in too and William would spray her and she loved it. And I loved watching it.Here's to many more days of playing together. I had to add that yesterday I let William let play with this table while Gracie was napping and he came in a few times to let me know he "needed Gracie, right now". It is not as fun without her. Music to my ears.

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