Monday, May 05, 2008

Everythings coming up roses

When Gracie was born my mom got these beautiful little roses for her. I dried them and put them back in the vase they came in and they have been sitting on the dresser part of her crib since then.

A few days ago she was taking a nap (or so I thought) it was quiet in her room for about an hour and then she started to fuss. I had heard a small thump earlier but thought that she had just rolled into the side of her crib. When I went in to get her I found this.

I took her out of the crib and went to get the camera and then set her back in. She was not too happy about that, she knew that she had done something bad.

It was quite the mess to clean up.

William observing the mess and clean up.
I was actually able to save a lot of the roses. But there is no telling how much she ate. She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth so it was probably quite a bit. She is just a funny girl. Today she pulled herself up to the DVD player and Russ told her no in a stern voice. She lost it and cried for quite some time. Also today in celebration of Cinco de Mayo we went to Burritos Fiesta and she fell in love with ice. She would shove her hand in the cup of ice, play with it, then pull some out and lick it. I knew her hands must have been freezing so I tried to take it away but she got so mad at me so we let her do it for awhile. When we put her in the car we took it away and she was not happy. She loves to drink out of a cup. She spills all down her shirt but she loves to do it. She is just growing up way too fast. Now excuse me, I am going to go have milk and cookies with my love. (Yes, I made cookies!)

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