Tuesday, May 20, 2008

End of School Days

May 7th was a very busy day. It was the last day of finals for Russ (the last final he will ever take!) and William's last day of preschool. To celebrate the momentous event we met at a favorite park for lunch and cake. William could not have been happier about the cake. We will both miss these preschool buddies that he has made. It has been so fun and he still asks me every morning if he is going to preschool. When I tell him preschool is all done he says, "when it is Thursdays then I will go to preschool." It is sad, he loved it so much.Then Russ went to a kick ball game with the rest of his class and then the kids and I joined him a little later. William even got to kick the ball and run the bases with Russ. Then we took Gracie to a doctors appointment where it was confirmed that her doctor is the coolest doctor out there. He was going through all the things about her age and at the end said, "I have one more question for you, where did you get your shirt?" I was wearing my Travis shirt and then we talked about how much we liked the band. He is German but Russ won't ever speak German with him even though I pester him too. After that appointment we had to hurry home and clean up our house so we could have friends over fro burgers to celebrate the end of classes. Our place was really small and it was packed, but very fun. Thanks all for coming.

Trying to cramp in our small living room. I know it is not nice to take pictures while people are eating, sorry guys.
Trying to cramp all the food on our tiny table. And Carolyn trying to cramp a baby into her tiny body (he is out now :)The kids played outside for a long time, unfortunately it was a pretty chilly evening. See that skip-it? I gave it a try and was not too shabby.
The guys outside, and Gracie.Gracie checking out Mike, she was very good for the whole thing.It is a bitter sweet experience coming to the end f classes. We sooo want to be done with school and on with our lives and making money, but we will miss all these great friends we have made and all the good times that we have had, and the great place we have been able to live (I mean the town, not apartment). So now it's on to clerkship's and in a year we will be done!

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