Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A day at the park

Even though there was some snow on the ground, it was pretty warm outside and not very windy and the sun was out so we took the kids to a park.
We took them to the duck park, but the water was still frozen and there was a lot of snow on the ground so we took them somewhere else. But not before we talked to the ducks and played with a stick in the water.

The playground was dry so William had a good time running around.

We played with the snow a little bit and Williams hair was sooo bright in the sun, but it never shows up that way in pictures.

This is William going to get his dad with a snowball.

Gracie had a fun time spinning with her daddy.

And Russ and William made this cute little snowman.

1 comment:

mimilee said...

debbie, if i can have a family with happy simple moments like these i might just get married one day and have babies. i just love your blog. and your family.

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