Friday, November 02, 2007

FHE Halloween party

This time Jessie and I had the same Halloween party as listed below with all the families with kids in Russ' PT class. But this time we made the Cafe Rio/ Coasta Vita sweet pork salad recipe. Yummy! Unfortunately my children were on their worst behavior so I spent most the night dealing with them. I hope everyone else had more fun. I was able to snag a few pictures. Here they are.

Trying on his costume - isn't he adorable? He would run and run around the couch and his little tail fin would shake. I should have gotten video, it was too cute.Thanks for the cute costume, Mom. Everyone loved it! (She made it in between the sessions of conference - I know, she's amazing!)

Here he is at the party, but he only wore it for the first little while.

I guess I should clarify - Russ is Nemo and William is Marlin, at Williams request, or demand, whatever. I should have made name tags so we didn't have to explain ourselves so many times.
Carl in his Operation costume, complete with tongs and a buzzer. (That was my favorite costume this year)

Some cute kiddos in their costumes

The boys eating their caramel apples.

Some of the guys after shedding their costumes - at least they wore them.

Steve got Gracie to go to sleep. Yeah Steve! Steve and Jenny came as Batman and Cat woman.

Carolyn was so cute as Jessie. Everyone had great costumes, I wish I got more pictures, I may have to steal some off my other friends blogs because I think they got some.

Now we just need to get together without the kids!

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